IM Tahoe… let’s get some of this stuff out of the way.

My Ironman Lake Tahoe race report is well beyond overdue. And this still isn’t it. 

I finished. Overall, I’m proud to have finished the inaugural Ironman Lake Tahoe. Slower than IM Wisconsin in 2011, but that seems pretty standard among all participants who have done nearly any other Ironman (barring other complications).

To confirm what you, dear reader, may have already heard:

  • Yes, the swim was surreal with all the steam rising off the still-warmish lake
  • Yes, it was challenging to sight through that steam and mist
  • Yes, the changing tents in T1 were beyond over-crowded (including the women’s tent)
  • Yes, it was cold
  • Yes, it snowed the day before
  • Yes, the sand was frozen and there were plenty of bike seats covered in ice
  • There was a dude out there riding his bike in his wetsuit
  • Yes, it was beautiful
  • And made more challenging at elevation
  • And the bike did include a lot of climbing
  • Yes, the headlamp was necessary for the run
  • And no, we did not get our special needs bags back