I don’t know if I’m feeling ready!

A few days away from being just nine weeks out from Ironman Lake Tahoe. Kind of scary. Friends have been asking how I feel, if I feel ready, how my training is progressing.

I don’t know.

I know that I did a pretty consistent effort ~100 mile ride two weeks ago and felt okay. Ran 15 miles the next day – though not quite as fast as I would have liked. I’ve done two really long run/hike days in Yosemite at elevations far higher than Lake Tahoe, which has to count for something. Swam 2.4 miles about a month ago. Finished, despite forgetting to eat before the event.

But am I ready? I don’t know. 

Fortunately, some friends invited me to join them in Tahoe for the weekend, so I’ll get another opportunity to get out on the course. I’m also doing a half Ironman at Donner Lake (also at altitude) next weekend, which will also be a decent kick in the pants indicator of my training.


One Comment on “I don’t know if I’m feeling ready!”

  1. Kendrick Long says:

    Ugh, 9 weeks already?! You’ll be ready, also remember we have all that IM experience from 2 years ago, remember how we felt 2 month before our first IM?

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