IronMinxes Daphne and Sara are racing at Ironman Lake Placid on Sunday. GO GO GO!!!


Summer camp!

Not that I ever actually went to summer camp as a child, but if it’s anything like last weekend, I totally missed out!

1. Lucked into a spot in a friend’s Kings Beach condo for the weekend. She was there for a family reunion and asked if I’d like to join. Despite many weekends in a row (past and future) of being out of town, I decided to go. Seriously, the answer 99% of the time should be JUST GO. You can do your laundry another time.

2. Spent time with lady friends. Ah. I love my girlfriends.

3. Saturday – slept in, got a late start riding. Really, the only flaw in the weekend. Because it was hot, hot hot outside. So hot that my original ~80 mile bike plan (two loops of the 2.3 loop Ironman Lake Tahoe course) dropped down to just one loop, complete with a panting/heat stroke-ish stop NOT at the top of the major climb, but about 90% of the way to the top. But then, much laziness at the condo, dinner making with my friend Jen, enjoying watching the heat-induced thunderstorm and hail, chatting about boys and dating and business and life. Good times.

4. Sunday. Another bike ride. This time, I started out solo, and intending to do just one loop. Along the way, I met Jeanne, who was in town from NY. Fellow triathlete and IMLT hopeful, she was visiting for Wanderlust (a yoga weekend) and a little course recon. So fab to have a bike buddy!! Then – some good times swimming with Jen. Lake Tahoe is so amazingly clear and blue and… uh, up really high. Swimming at 6200 feet is ROUGH. But, fun with and without a wetsuit. Later, a Sunday nap. Ahhhhh. Nap. I think this is when I decided I was at camp.

5. Sunday night, I left Kings Beach and went to Truckee, where a friend, Kelly, has a sublease for a few weeks. We enjoyed delicious sushi (ok, not so summery campy) and conversation.

6. Started Monday with a lovely run on the Squaw bike path. Might have even felt the beginnings of a bit of acclimatization? I managed to get in a few miles at a sub 9min/mile (which is nothing to cheer about at sea level, but a huge friggin deal at altitude)! Then yoga. A class called Yoga For Stiffs at the Tahoe Yoga & Wellness Center! How great is that? Delicious Thai lunch. And Thai iced tea. So sweet and refreshing. And then more luxurious chill time on the couch.

6. Eventually, camp ended and I had to head home. The drive back was pretty rad, because I missed Sacramento AND Bay Area traffic. AND got to stop for Pinkberry in Davis. 

7. I love camp. 

I don’t know if I’m feeling ready!

A few days away from being just nine weeks out from Ironman Lake Tahoe. Kind of scary. Friends have been asking how I feel, if I feel ready, how my training is progressing.

I don’t know.

I know that I did a pretty consistent effort ~100 mile ride two weeks ago and felt okay. Ran 15 miles the next day – though not quite as fast as I would have liked. I’ve done two really long run/hike days in Yosemite at elevations far higher than Lake Tahoe, which has to count for something. Swam 2.4 miles about a month ago. Finished, despite forgetting to eat before the event.

But am I ready? I don’t know. 

Fortunately, some friends invited me to join them in Tahoe for the weekend, so I’ll get another opportunity to get out on the course. I’m also doing a half Ironman at Donner Lake (also at altitude) next weekend, which will also be a decent kick in the pants indicator of my training.