Spinning those pedals…

Training has included some pretty significant bike rides so far. Good thing, since race day is < 15 weeks away!
1. Pre-Wildflower double Diablo, Saturday, April 27. Mt Diablo is 3,864 feet. The ride is 10-14 miles, depending on where you start your engines (say 12 miles, 3,500 ft climbing). We did it twice. In 100 deg temps. Brutal. But, 90 minutes of consistent climbing is very good mental prep. 
2. Motherlode Century. Saturday, May 11. Another scorching hot weekend. This time, a 94 mile “century” in El Dorado County. We took a LOT of breaks on this one. Aid stations were advertised to be fairly spread out, but then ended up being about every 10 miles or so. Good, after some of the particularly heinous climbs like Mosquito Road (six miles, lots of people walking their bikes)… but otherwise only really necessary for bottle refill since it was so hot. We enjoyed the watermelon, Jelly Belly beans, and other snacks a bit too much. Regardless, early in the season for a long ride. Good to get the mileage in the bank. 
3. Normal San Rafael lollipop out towards Petaluma. Saturday, June 1. Not a very BIG ride, but a good, consistent solo effort over about 60 miles. Two short map checks and a pit stop. Decent amount of time in my aero bars. Confidence booster.
4. Ironman Lake Tahoe course preview, Saturday, June 8. Definitely took a lot of breaks, but some strong efforts over 85 miles. We did two loops, which meant we got to see the big climb twice – and notice how it felt the second time around (Not as nice. Aside from the obvious fatigue, the heat had gotten turned up a bit more, and I think I benefitted from naivety the first time up.) The top of the Brockway climb is steep. About 1,100 feet of climbing in ~ 3.5 miles. Couple other kickers in there, including a minor, but surprisingly painful climb that we’ll get to do three times, due to the 2.333 loops we do on race day. Hoping to revisit the course again this summer!

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