Kindness in the transition area

Race report and training updates and schedule – on the to do list. But for now, a race morning story to say happy Friday. 

Transition area. Dark o’clock. HITS Napa on Day 2, which means there’s an Olympic and a Sprint race. The Olympic area seemed pretty evenly split between newbies and people with a fair amount of experience. 
My bike was racked in the back and I’m getting all set up. Kind of wish I had brought the bike pump to the transition area, kind think my tires are probably okay. I look across the area to see if anyone had a floor pump handy. No… but there’s a group of people huddled around someone who’s pumping up their tire with a hand pump. Um… not going to work.
I ask my darling boyfriend (gold star for being there with me at the aforementioned dark o’clock) to get the floor pump and ask the hand pumper if she wants to borrow a floor pump. At first, she’s reluctant. No… it’s okay, they got it. Finally, she decides yes, she would like to borrow the floor pump, but wants me to come with her to help her do it. Ah, newbie. Okay. So I go over with her and walk her through putting the trusty yellow Joe Blow pump on her tire, etc. She says that her tire goes up to 120 psi. I looked at her and said, “Oh, smaller people don’t need to go all the way up to that, that’s just the max. I use between 90-100 psi. Maybe try that? It’ll be a little smoother ride.” This woman – this triathlete – looked at me like she was about to cry, but also with a HUGE smile. “Did you just call me a smaller person? I just lost 70 pounds.” And then she called for a friend of hers, “Donna, this lady just called me a small person. Can you believe that?” 
I was so thrilled to have made this woman’s morning that I was sure the happiness would get me through the swim. A fabulous, unexpected delight and a reminder that our words are very important!



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