Take care of your body!

Good thing I got about three solid weeks of no sickness, no excuses training in before…


I know. WTF? Apparently, that’s how long it took any and all fiberous tissue in my right leg, from my psoas (which starts in your abdomen) down to my ankle, to get really, really, really angry. Angry, inflammed, sticky… and just generally unhappy. All pain is currently centered in one spot on the lower, interior part of my knee, making it really tough to even climb stairs (so no bike/run since Thursday when the pain started after a hill workout on the dreadmill).

I am trying to take it all in (a painful) stride and use this as an opportunity to swim, which I had planned to add in to my schedule in February anyway. I’ve already met with a fabulous ART/massage therapist friend once and will see her again on Friday. In the meantime, I’m making friends with my foam roller, a lacrosse ball, rock tape, and will be checking out anything and everything on the MobilityWOD.com site.

Let this be a lesson folks, don’t neglect your physical therapy needs! 


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