Not a master + knee update

So, thanks mostly to my knee pain, I’ve been back at the pool. Saturday and Sunday on my own, then Tuesday and Thursday with Masters. 
Lap swimming at the public pool over the weekend. Six lanes. Two medium – on the left. Two fast – in the center. Two slow – on the right. The fast lanes are less crowded than the medium lanes, but I knew that if just a few more Actual Fast Swimmers came into that lane, I’d get run over. I joined the medium lane, where I felt, next to the old lady with the snorkel, the puffed-out chest guy doing one length at a time, and the breast strokers, like I was Michael fricken Phelps. (I also assumed that there must be water wings and a swim up bar in the slow lane if those were the medium swimmers.) 
But then… masters. Masters is intimidating. 
I have found the slow lane, where I am not in fear of being run over. The coach is great. He gives the fasties their stuff and then, when I finally finish the first set, he tells me what to do next. 
Tuesday included 9×100 yards. In swim speak, the coach will say something like 9x100s on the 1:30, meaning to start the next 100 on 90 seconds – regardless of when you finished the previous one. So rest is variable, and, if you don’t pace yourself and tire out early, rest gets shorter and shorter as you slow down. Afterwards, I heard women talking about doing these on 1:05, 1:10, and 1:15. 
I did them on 1:55. I am slow. It is a wonder I haven’t gotten booted from masters, since I obviously have mastered nothing.
Thursday, the coach told me to do a set that included 100s on 1:45. I’m sure this sounds ridiculous to him, but he always manages to keep a straight face. Sadly, 1:45 is a fast 100 for me. Meaning, no rest at all. 
Awesome. I got him to give me an extra five seconds so I could catch my breath. And then towards the end, I had to give myself another five seconds since I slowed down. Ouch.

Knee update:

One week post-onset and I’m doing much better. I’m still in pain when I lift up my knee, but nothing like before. I’ve brought my mini foam roller and a lacrosse ball to work and try to carve out a few five minute breaks to just shut my door and roll out my legs. Felt a huge release in my hip on Tuesday, thanks to some quality time with my roller while watching The New Girl and The Mindy Project. Seems like a good excuse to watch tv to me!
Took the week off from spin/bike/run (aside from my flat commute to work), returning to the bike on Saturday. 
Planned prevention:
Continued self-care, like my mini breaks during the day, longer sessions anytime I’m watching tv. I’ve highlighted the yoga classes at my gym that could work with my schedule (next up – actually GO to a class), and hit up a yogi friend for some help with a home practice in the 20 minute range. I also seriously need to continue to follow and stay on top of this shizz. Maybe swap out Body Pump with some heavier weight training, at least early in the season.

Take care of your body!

Good thing I got about three solid weeks of no sickness, no excuses training in before…


I know. WTF? Apparently, that’s how long it took any and all fiberous tissue in my right leg, from my psoas (which starts in your abdomen) down to my ankle, to get really, really, really angry. Angry, inflammed, sticky… and just generally unhappy. All pain is currently centered in one spot on the lower, interior part of my knee, making it really tough to even climb stairs (so no bike/run since Thursday when the pain started after a hill workout on the dreadmill).

I am trying to take it all in (a painful) stride and use this as an opportunity to swim, which I had planned to add in to my schedule in February anyway. I’ve already met with a fabulous ART/massage therapist friend once and will see her again on Friday. In the meantime, I’m making friends with my foam roller, a lacrosse ball, rock tape, and will be checking out anything and everything on the site.

Let this be a lesson folks, don’t neglect your physical therapy needs!