Rough training outline. Comments welcome!!

Planned training schedule… I’ll be working up to this over the next few weeks. In the short term, I need to focus on the bike and use my Mondays to get outside (I’ll be snowboarding over the weekends).
Target is to insert at least one double a week by February 1, twice a week by March 1. First race is an Olympic in mid April, followed up with a half IM in early May.
Monday – day off work
Ideal – Outdoor bike ride, transition run (brick), Body Pump class in the evening
Or combo of these choices:
1. Spin class AM or PM
2. Run
3. Pool swim, solo
4. Body Pump class – phase out as season progresses
Tuesday – high likelihood of being tired, if weekend + Monday go as planned. Good day for one workout, but options for AM/PM if energy is high.
1. AM run (interval/speed)
2. PM Body Pump – phase out as season progresses
2. PM masters swim
3. PM track workout with Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders
Wednesday – non-negotional AM spin class and masters swim (once I start to do doubles). I expect this will be my long day. 
AM spin (try to arrive early to do my own warm-up)
PM masters swim
Thursday – may depend on what happened on Tuesday. Ideally, this will be another day of doubles.
AM run
PM masters swim
PM run
Friday – choose one if doubles on Wednesday and Thursday.
AM spin
AM run
PM masters swim
long bike – inital focus on hill climbing
long run – slow ramp up in mileage okay, no need for injury. 
  • With more daylight – potential to incorporate more outdoor rides during the week. Thursday would be a good day to do an evening ride. 
  • Keep up with core and body weight strength exercises
  • Climbing gym! Maybe try to go on a Sunday after my run?
  • Weekend ride/run with SF Tri Club and other friends when possible

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