Bikram Yoga review

Huh. Here’s a review I wrote from a Bikram yoga class I tried back in April, lost in the draft folder…

•Wish I had gotten there a little earlier so I didn’t feel so rushed
•Per a friend’s recommendation, I drank more water than normal that afternoon. Good, except I had to leave 15 minutes into class because I couldn’t suck in my stomach (which I swear the instructor said 100 times during the 90 minute class) with a full bladder.
•I wore capri pants and a tank. Shorts would have been better. Lots of ladies in sports bras and booty shorts.
•Bring a big towel to cover your mat – I had a smaller towel and it was ok, but everyone else had full size towels on their mat
•Wash your clothes right away or hang them up. Everything is really wet and nasty
•Speaking of nasty… Wish this place had normal tile floors instead of indoor/outdoor carpet (or whatever is on the floor). As one might expect, this studio was pretty rank. Floor would have been more sanitary than carpet

Overall? I liked it. You keep moving, the class is pretty easy to follow, and the heat does make you feel more flexible.

Add: I didn’t get to continue past a few classes because my bf and I found a new apartment and The Move took over. May try it again, would be nice when it gets a little cooler outside.


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