A month of not training for Ironman… so I did some other stuff. 10/10-11/9

So yeah, I haven’t been exactly sitting around doing NOTHING. I’m not a very good couch potato – doesn’t make me happy. Endorphin junkie, perhaps?

Here’s my workout log, starting a month after my race. I started back up at United Barbell three times a week (same as last fall) and have been loving it. UB is a Crossfit gym – click the linky to learn more about Crossfit. Basically, it’s the opposite of Ironman training. It’s an hour-long workout, super varied, lots of focus on explosiveness and strength… so a really nice change after IM training. Most of the log is in Crossfit notation that won’t mean much, and I don’t usually write-up the warm-up (also a big part of the workout), but feel free to ask questions if you’re interested. WOD stands for Workout of the Day.

I’ve also gone climbing a few times and enjoyed a handful of bike rides and the occasional run. Still have yet to make it back to spin…

9/16/12 edit – I removed the logs, since they were long and cumbersome.



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