A month of not training for Ironman… so I did some other stuff. 10/10-11/9

So yeah, I haven’t been exactly sitting around doing NOTHING. I’m not a very good couch potato – doesn’t make me happy. Endorphin junkie, perhaps?

Here’s my workout log, starting a month after my race. I started back up at United Barbell three times a week (same as last fall) and have been loving it. UB is a Crossfit gym – click the linky to learn more about Crossfit. Basically, it’s the opposite of Ironman training. It’s an hour-long workout, super varied, lots of focus on explosiveness and strength… so a really nice change after IM training. Most of the log is in Crossfit notation that won’t mean much, and I don’t usually write-up the warm-up (also a big part of the workout), but feel free to ask questions if you’re interested. WOD stands for Workout of the Day.

I’ve also gone climbing a few times and enjoyed a handful of bike rides and the occasional run. Still have yet to make it back to spin…

9/16/12 edit – I removed the logs, since they were long and cumbersome.



What’s next?

Hello from mid-November. Almost two months after I finished Ironman Wisconsin and I’m sitting here contemplating my next move. Will I try for another Ironman (or Iron-distance) race next year? Will I stick to shorter distance races and do some other stuff (climbing, camping, travel) in addition to triathlon? I recently joked about just getting serious about Crossfit and training to do weightlifting competitions.

So yeah, I’m all over the map. Here are some options that are available (races aren’t sold out)…

1. I know quite a few people doing Ironman St George, which is May 5, 2012. I can’t do that one because I have a wedding in San Diego that weekend. But, there’s a new, non-Ironman race that’s April 15, 2012. http://www.hitstriathlonseries.com/napa-valley-ca/. The routes look pretty brutal (hilly), weather could be anything, but it’s local (save a lot of $) and I could train with the folks that are doing St George. But, this is its first year. Do I really want to take a chance on a new Iron-distance race? What if they don’t have that many racers? What if they don’t have enough aid stations? What if they mess up the course and I end up running 30 miles?

2. I also know a group that’s doing Ironman France, which is June 24. I really like the idea of the timing of this event – early season, so I could still do some other stuff over the summer. But crap – if that new Napa race would be “inexpensive,” this one would be the complete opposite. Airfare, bike transport, vacation days, lodging, food… Ugh. I’d love to go on VACATION in France, but I don’t really know that an Ironman would be the best way to do that.

3. I suck it up and find a later, non-Ironman race. There are a few that have been around for many years (Vineman, Silverman, Timberman) so I wouldn’t have the same concerns as with the HITS Napa race. BUT, they’re later in the summer, which means that I wouldn’t have the summer to goof off doing other stuff. AND with Vineman, I’d really, really, really want to have a tri bike. I rode one loop of the course this past summer when I did Barb’s Race and was in aero a good 75% of the time. Definitely a tri bike course. So it’s close, and less expensive… but I’d end up blowing my cash on a bike. Also, Vineman is late July.

4. I skip Ironmans completely and find some other random things to do. Sign up for a few other triathlons, maybe some that involve a little bit of short travel (like SoCal?) and get going on organizing some other trips, like backpacking and climbing.

I’m leaning towards trying to race an Iron-distance race next year. Part of me really wants to do TWO Ironmans, for some reason. And what if I can’t do one in 2013? Stuff happens. But… mid-April in Napa, dang. That’s FIVE MONTHS away. I’m not starting from nothing, but I’m a, uh, few, pounds heavier than I was in mid-September and I haven’t been swimming, biking or running very much. (which is generally okay – I needed a break, otherwise I’d hate triathlon)

I could jump back in THIS WEEK…? Help. Me.