Last day of August = September tomorrow = race month!

Weather forecast is looking good, well, as much as one can when we’re still 11 days away. Rain and heat this weekend, followed by some cooler temps (70-75 deg F) the following week.

Spin class, Watts lower – expected after two days in a row of intense effort. 30 min Alter G session, mostly at 90% BW. Felt good. Followed it up w/some stretching and foam roller.

Did end up at a little urgent care center today. Knee is healing okay, but the doc gave me a prescription for some antibiotics. Don’t love taking drugs and normally I would have just toughed this one out without a doctor, but I’d rather my body get help fighting/preventing an infection NOW, rather than having to spend energy fighting one on Sept 11. Plus, most people who see it ask if I needed stitches, gasp or ask if it just happened…so maybe I’m not really over reacting?

Picking up my bike tomorrow. Psyched to have him back.

Saw a few of my IM Canada friends at spin. They looked so happy – and contemplating Ironman races in 2012 (or excited for ones they’ve already got planned). Wow. I really hope I feel like that on the Wednesday after my race. Right now I’m feeling fairly anxious.



Bike commuting – less scary today. Hopefully all of my city riding will translate to confidence back on the road bike this weekend.

Spin class again. AGAIN, Watts were good. Man, that three day break seemed be what my legs needed to recover from some tough workouts in July/August!

One hour Alter G session – started with 85% body weight. Got good and warmed up, tried 87%, then 89%, then 90%. Hung out at 90-94% for the last 15 minutes of my run and it felt okay. Going to see how things go and try it again tomorrow, hopefully spending more time in the 88-92% range.

Finished up with some Vasa, in lieu of actual swimming.

Knee seems like it may be getting infected. Annoying for many reasons, but bandaging it up really limits my mobility and makes it feel very stiff. May get myself to the doctor if the Neosporin doesn’t seem to do the trick by Friday. Otherwise, I’m continuing to ice a few times a day and am eating plenty of protein and iron to help give my body fuel to rebuild!



wt – 125 lb. Not the huge weight gain that I thought ūüėÄ

Able to ride my bike to work, which was nice, though a little scary.

Spin class w/long warm-up, Watts were good. Worked the set. Followed up with a 15 minute Alter G running session, 90% body weight. Left knee didn’t totally love the run. M2 recommended trying 85% weight tomorrow, reminded me that my goal now is to maintain fitness and get my knee moving again. Some soreness is normal. Trying to maintain a positive attitude!


8.24.11-8.27, crash continued


1h15 min spin class. Watts were great – no big surprise there, as my legs haven’t really been doing anything for the past three days. Did some Vasa after, as I’m not able to swim yet. Everything’s okay…

Except then I tried to run home. About 15 min run… my right knee is definitely not ready yet. It’s still a little swollen. Left knee feels like the skin is pulling and is stiff from not moving it much, but not as much as the right one. We’ll see. I’ll give it a rest and try the Alter G next week.



Off. Waiting for my knee to heal a little more (amazing how much you use your knee to uh, do EVERYTHING) before I try to ride/run. Swimming is out until next week. When I changed the bandage on Wednesday night, it still looked like it was a very recent, very raw, open wound. Definitely a hole in my knee. By Thursday night, the hole had started to fill in quite a bit and some of the redness is now just road rash, not blood (hope you’re not eating breakfast right now, dear reader). I’m hoping to get to spin on Saturday or even a ride on my old bike, maybe run on the Alter-G or somewhere where I won’t trip and fall!

In other news, my bike frame also managed to sustain an injury during my crash! Yeah, very exciting. Skin is self-healing, bruises go away… cracked carbon… time to call in the expert surgeons. After much deliberation, phone calls, emails, cries for help… a fellow SF Tri Club member directed me to¬†RRVelo, a carbon frame shop that also does repairs. My bike is getting fixed now and will be ready on Tuesday.

I thought about going through Cervelo’s crash replacement program ($1500 – added injury to the injury), riding the cracked frame (learned yesterday – right choice, crack goes further around the top tube than I thought), having another frame builder fix it (heard he is good, but slower and more expensive), renting a bike or borrowing a bike. I gotta say, I received some offers to borrow some pretty frickin amazing bikes – a Cervelo P3 w/Zipp wheels, anyone?

I think I’m doing the right thing in getting my bike fixed and on the Tri Bike Transport truck on Wednesday¬†and will just bring it with me on the plane on Wednesday, Sept 7 so I have it next weekend and can also get it tuned up. Wish I had a little time to get it tuned up before then and put new tires on… but overall, I think that the crash recovery is going okay.¬†

8.23.11… boom!


The good:
  • I managed to do some vacay day swapping on the down low at work and took the day off to get in a long bike ride, since I was away this weekend
  • Beautiful day – mixture of sun and some fog and overall gorgeous views
  • Tough ride from my house in SF all the way out to the¬†Pt Reyes Lighthouse, which feels like the edge of the planet
  • Roads were relatively quiet
  • 90 mile ride… foreshadowing here, if you looked at the map already…
  • Ryan is currently funemployed and has a car
The whatever:
  • Challenging ride! I don’t have the stats yet, but there was a LOT of climbing. My average speed was right around 14mph.
  • The store at Inverness didn’t have regular Coke! I had to settle for a natural cola, which I realized halfway through had DOUBLE the¬†caffeine, so I only had half. Wanted – and totally received – the energy jolt, but didn’t want to stay awake all night long. I’ve got a very ow¬†caffeine¬†tolerance these days, since I’m mostly on decaf.
The bad:
  • I crashed along the lagoon heading into Stinson Beach (at mile 90 with 30 left to get home). I’m not totally sure what happened, but I think I was in aero and hit a bump. There was a van of nature corps workers behind me, who helped get me off the road and put some gauze on my left knee, which was really messed up. They couldn’t give me a ride, as they were full, but the driver made sure I called a friend for help – I guess I looked pretty shattered at this point. I called Ryan and asked him for help – he dropped what he was doing and hopped in the car to come bring me back home. I eventually started walking, and then slowly riding (bike seems okay, but is due for a tune up before IM anyway), towards the grocery store in Stinson Beach, where I set myself up with some bags of frozen corn on my knees. Ryan made it through rush hour traffic and totally saved me! He wouldn’t accept gas money, but I owe him dinner when we’re both back in town again. Recommendations for a “thank you for driving up to Stinson Beach in rush hour traffic and back again with a smelly Kelly” dinner spot gladly accepted!
  • Kate, our resident expert in infectious diseases, recommended I have a doctor clean out my wounds so they wouldn’t get infected. I am so thankful she told me that – I never would have thought to go in for help.
  • Got home and dumped some hydrogen peroxide on my knee. It’s bad. UCSF’s non-ER urgent care closed. Got an appt at the ER (yeah, that’s new to me, too), then they called and said that they could take care of me right away. They said it was good I came in – they dug some asphalt out of my knee, irrigated it with a saline solution and bandaged me up. No swimming until it’s got some scabs and I need to limit how much I bend it so that I don’t keep breaking the scabs open while it first starts to heal. Bandage and ointment for three days. Ice on the other knee, which is still quite swollen. The handlebar shaped bruise on my chest is okay, but if it gets worse, I need to go back – I could have little scratches on my liver (WTF?).
  • Oh, and I learned that you’re not supposed to use hydrogen¬†peroxide¬†on open wounds. While it does a good job of cleaning, it also damages the live tissue. Soap and water is the way to go.
The eats:
  • Pop tarts
  • Clif bar
  • 4 bottles of liquid – two w/Gatorade Endurance, 1 coconut water, 1 water, 1 mixture of gingerade and water
  • 3 shot blox
  • Rice Krispy treat
  • Bag of sea salt & vinegar chips
  • 1/2 fake Coke

8.13.11 – 8.22.11

I swear I’m still training. Just been super busy, which has limited my blogging abilities. Some notes:

1. I’ve made peace with Shasta. It likely made me a stronger rider, both mentally and physically. The area is beautiful and I am very lucky to have visited with my wonderful training group.

2. I’ve gained weight over the past few weeks and it sucks. I haven’t been as good at keeping tabs on that and should have been tracking it so I could catch the pattern before I realized that my middle is a little squishier than it should be/was a few months ago. The thing is, I’m not terribly surprised. My weight has been on this cycle for the past few years – I lose weight over the winter, maintain that through the early part of the summer, and then slowly gain to the fall. I think that my body thrives when I change-up my routine – and I’ve been doing nothing but swimming, biking and running for the past nine months… ¬†and that long endurance stuff makes me feel hungry long after I’m done training. I’m definitely going to watch myself over the next three weeks, but this isn’t exactly the time to do a crash diet.

3. My Ironman Canada buddies will be racing on Sunday, August 28. I am so excited for all of them and wish I could be there, cheering them all on (or even racing with them!).

4. I still don’t know what I’m going to wear for the race and need to have stuff packed up for pretty much anything between 50 and raining and 100 and humid. Uh oh.

Monday 8/22
Back home again… yoga at noon. Evening Aquatic Park swim. Perimeter and then 1.5 buoy line lengths. Water was cold and choppy. Would not have gotten in if I went there alone.
Sunday 8/21
One hour recovery run, some 30 sec pick-ups on the way back. Humid as hell and I felt a little crazy out there the morning after being in a wedding (I mean, really, who does that?), but I woke up early and felt okay Рthe 1:1 booze:water seemed to work okay and I swear that dancing is hangover prevention.
Saturday 8/20
Does dancing for four hours count as training?
“Didn’t I tell you that the only reason I’m training for Ironman is so that I can dance for forever at your wedding?” <— actual quote
Friday 8/19
Woke up feeling pretty well rested and ready to do My Long Run. As in, the longest run I’ll do before Ironman Wisconsin. Totally normal thing to do when you’ve traveled across the country to be in your friend’s wedding, right? Anyway, we had plans to be at Lake Erie for a BBQ around 11, the wedding on Saturday w/a hair appointment at 11:30… not enough time for a long run on Sunday – not to mention that planning a long run the day after a wedding would just be stupid. SO… Friday morning!

M2 sent me an intimidating set of intervals – you know you’re in for a long run when the “warm-up” part is 50 minutes long. Without giving away all of my coaches secrets, I’ll just say that I managed to bust out a 19 mile run* in 2:48. The various sets of intervals kept my mind focused – always a challenge for long, solo runs and the varying speeds helped my overall pace stay just below my “steady” pace (~60 sec under my 10k pace).

Eats –
Before the run – Clif Builders bar. I had one of these before the 2.4 mi Catfish Crawl swim, too. Seems like a good mix of pro/carb/fat. (don’t think that’s the reason for my short out and back to start because I needed to go to the bathroom again) During the run, I drained my Camelbak and stopped at a few water fountains. Had almost an entire sleeve of Clif Shots.
Post –
Wanted an ice bath. Settled for a quick shower and change and car ride… and then found myself on the beach with baggies of ice on my knees and hips. Hey, when you’re not a pro, you just have to work with what you’ve got!
Thoughts –
Super happy that this run went so well. Definitely helped my confidence for Wisconsin. Wondering if I should incorporate some of those intervals into my race. Wondering how much better I could have done if I had a Coke about half way through.

*Shouldn’t have actually been 19 miles, probably more like 16-17. I did an out and back on an asphalt bike path and was focused on the workout and turned around a little later than I should have to actually finish with the end of the sets as prescribed.
Thursday 8/18
Oh my. Red eye + heat + humidity + helping to set up the wedding venue + mucho mosquitos = no workout today.
Wednesday 8/17
AM Swim, Sad Solo Swim. 60 minutes. 500 + 200 kick w/flippers – free & dolphin + 200 pull buoy/paddles + 200 pull buoy + 200 free + 300 + 3×100 + 200 + 4×50 + 300 = 2600 meters
(which means I then go and eat like five breakfasts. ridiculous how hungry one gets after a morning swim.)
Looking forward to being a “normal, casual swimmer” after Ironman – I had like four people rotate in and out of my lane during the hour I was there. I wouldn’t mind a nice 30-40 minute swim.

PM spin class. Flippin Watts are still lower than expected. What the eff? I’d better get my biking legs back soon, yo. No time for a run after class today, had to head home to quickly finish packing for my trip to Oberlin, Ohio for a very good friend’s wedding, where I am quite honored to be a bridesmaid.

Tuesday 8/16
Ugh. Long meeting with customers all at work = tired, didn’t drink enough water. Good thing – got to leave around 5, in time for a 50 min swim before track. 1000+ 200 pull buoy/paddles + 200 pull buoy + 200 free, 100 p.b/p + 100 p.b. + 100 free, 50 p.b/p ¬†+ 50 p.b. + 50 free. = 2050 meters.

Track was good – finally ran my normal pace (probably due to my sports therapy massage yesterday)! 2x2k + 800 + 5×200 (relay style)

Monday 8/15
First massage as PSOAS. Awesome. And my left side is way more effed up than my right. Figures. My left side is pretty much stupid at everything anyway.

Evening spin class, recovery Watts, felt good at the end. More stretching and some Vasa stuff for core/swim stroke.

Sunday 8/14
2 hr, 13 mi run. Trails, then finished on pavement – 6x(3min on, 2min IM race pace)… my last weekend with my training crew. Sucks balls.
Saturday 8/13
Bike ride (60-70 mi… not coming up on my Garmin for some reason) + 10 min run


Um.¬†According to this blog, Lake Monona is 81 degrees F. Crap. 81 degrees? While still¬†wetsuit-legal, that’s WARM. ¬†Also, I’m really jealous of all of the folks that get to ride the course. I’m trying to wrap my head around the elevation profile – which I *have* looked at before, but it’s just tough to understand how my legs will handle this!

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/48884110 РWisconsin. 5,647 ft elevation, very few flat sections and all squished into 800-1300ft. Roller coaster!

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/103260443 РCanada. 4,744, but with two significant climbs, rather than the constant up and down.

(Many thanks to the folks who made their Garmin stuff public!)


Friday 8/12
AM swim w/Lena and Heather. Got there a little late, finished up on my own.
50 + (200, 4×50)*4 + 600 = 2200 (again, I think I’m missing something, maybe I did a longer cool-down) in the water for about an hour.
Thursday 8/11
What?!? 30 days to my race. I trained by…
1. scheduling an appointment at PSOAS for a massage… likely followed by 1x a week for the next four weeks.
2. 55 minute Iyengar yoga class with the most militant yoga instructor EVER. Followed with some foam rolling of the IT Band, quads.
3. 55 minute spin class… meh, Watts were still low.
4. 30 minute run w/Ryan.
5. More stretching, foam rollers on the legs.
Wednesday 8/10
AM swim. Right around 65 minutes. Something like… 500, 300, 3×100, 300, 3×100 and then a 150 cool down. 1850? That doesn’t seem right. Maybe we did 3 sets of the 300, 3×100. Anyway… AM swim with Heather and Kate. Done.

PM spin & run. Watts were hella low. Run went surprisingly well. Brought my Garmin to practice with the multi-sport mode (310xt FTW!!!). Turned out to be a 7.5 mile run. I don’t have the total time, but I think it was around an hour. Pretty happy to see some stretches with a pace down in the 8:xx given that my legs are still feeling pretty toasted – guess that’s just my biking legs and the spare set I use for running are okay?!?

Tuesday 8/9
Failed track workout. Stomachache made even the warm-up difficult. Chalk it up to another, much-needed rest day. Did have a good conversation with Nathan and Conrad about Ironman costume changes, watches and volunteer help.
Monday 8/8
35 minute swim. Very chill, about 1/3 of that with a pull buoy. Legs and body very tired.

Mount Shasta training weekend

Mount Shasta Century website 

Map for Shasta Super Century

The events:
Saturday –¬†14 mi hill climb 4,550 ft (climb #4 on the map) ~ 30 miles total ride in the morning, then a swim at Castle Lake in the afternoon (with initial plans to do a run over to a neighboring lake scrapped because lake #2 wasn’t good for swimming)

Sunday –¬†Lake Shasta Super Century (three distinct climbs with some rollers in between) minus the second half of climb #2 and climb #4, which we did on Saturday.¬†98.8 miles, 10,151 ft climbing

Report –

A lot of my group has been emailing out praises of this weekend’s event. I gotta say, my lows were pretty significant and I don’t see myself getting to a place where I feel like the ride was a great accomplishment. That’s okay – I think it’s normal to have some low points in training. Just really sucks to have it happen during peak training.
Still, there were highs, mostly fun with my training group…


  • Turns out that Steve was going to Shasta for the weekend too, so we¬†caravaned¬†and met up for dinner together
  • Heather and Jamie recommended a hotel with a great location, good breakfast
  • Roomies Kate and Han!
  • First visit to Mount Shasta (and a 12:30am arrival in the dark) meant that I had no idea what I was in for when I opened the drapes on Saturday morning. Mount Shasta is beautiful. Perfect snowy top, surrounded by other smaller mountain friends.
  • Meeting Brian, who’s also coached by M2. Brian lives in Lisle, just one town over from my mom in Illinois. He has volunteered at IM Wisconsin many times and is racing this year! He had loads of good advice and is a really nice person. We’re going to exchange contact info in advance of the big day. I’m looking forward to hearing about the lake swim he’s doing on Aug 20 – followed by a good preview of the bike course. I’m jealous! Would love to be able to check it out with him!
  • Crowding about 12 people into one booth at Black Bear Diner and having the wait staff call us “small”
  • Cool lake swim at Castle Lake, very refreshing (and I didn’t freak out at the few plants)
  • Descents had much wider turns than those in Marin, which allowed me to practice turning and feel safer. Road quality varied, but much of it was pretty good. I also tried to leave the summit a few minutes early so that I wouldn’t make the group wait very long at the bottom. Seemed like a good plan.
  • Sunday century volunteers were very nice, especially at the top of hill #3 at Castle Lake – a woman carried a fruit tray out to our group and served us as we were all lounging in the chairs they provided.
  • Using the little journeys between hill climbs to paceline and ride with my normal group – kind of made me feel like everything was okay and brought my brain back out of the dark hole created during the climb
  • Meeting up with the majority of the group at lunch and then at subsequent stops – great to have so many M2 jerseys and friends together
  • Stomach was okay the whole time!
  • Jumping in Lake Siskiyou¬†to “shower”
  • No sunburn, tried out the¬†Zoot Cool Wings, many different sunscreeens – success!
  • I’ve always said I didn’t want to do¬†The Death Ride. Confirmed! I will not do The Death Ride.
  • Hitting 7k feet altitude on Saturday’s 14 mi climb and just feeling like I got the wind knocked out of me
  • Getting dropped like I wasn’t moving at all while climbing
  • Any part of a climb that extended past like 70 minutes… Saturday’s climb I think I made it about 90 minutes in and was then just emotionally destroyed, had a little lower tolerance on Sunday. After about 60 minutes the climb stopped being fun. And I do this stuff because it is fun. I can usually have a pretty good attitude and have a fairly high tolerance for that endurance-event-pain, but this was more like “I want to stop right here and cry about how much this sucks.”
  • Initially thinking that the last climb would be “easy,” since it was¬†only seven miles.¬†Legs totally lost it and I found myself hovering around 4 mph for long stretches of the climb.
  • Confidence gained from a generally successful training program has been shattered
  • Worry that I’m not ready for Ironman – and now am a month out… I can’t cram for Ironman! How much can I add to the last month to feel ready?
  • Back and knee pain from the extended climbs
  • Worry that this wasn’t really the training I need for my race. I’m going to be doing a seven hour continuous effort, nothing like this weekend.
  • Concern that the weekends that I have missed, and one that I will miss have – despite what others have said – really hurt my training. Would I have been okay if not for the wedding in Pittsburgh and bachelorette in July? Or have I not gone to spin class often enough?
  • Fear that I’ll feel like this for a lot of Ironman
  • Driving five hours home and getting in after 1am. The last thing I want to do after a century is get less than adequate sleep.


AM run w/hills. 45 minutes. SLOW. Legs are definitely telling me they need a break.
Was supposed to get a sports massage this afternoon, but it got cancelled ūüė¶

AM Swim, got there a little later than planned. Did some medley stuff with Rachel, which was a nice change. 45-50 min in the water.
PM Active recovery – 60 min spin class. No run after – letting the body dictate this week’s workouts.

Track night = 45 minutes of bike commuting (total) because we were at the park to do hills! I took it a little easy and skipped the last interval. Definitely still recovering from Saturday’s race.

Well, it turns out that I am allergic to the new sunscreen I used on Saturday. Joy. I have approximately six weeks to find a sunscreen that will work.

Had a doctor’s appointment today, so no yoga. Did do a good swim after work. Ended up missing the last 200 cool down because I had to pee! And we all know that there’s no p in the ool!

Found a website with some good workouts, did this one, 2800 yards. Somewhere around 60 min.



Nice little hour run with my training husband. He did the AquaBike (2.4 mi swim + 112 mi bike) yesterday and wasn’t interested in a swim or bike. Shocking. I was up for a little recovery¬†something, so I agreed to try a run.¬†Honestly, never done a recovery¬†run¬†before, as running seems so anti-recovery. Anyway, it went okay… slowly, but the legs felt okay on flat ground for about 60 minutes.