Wildflower Long Course Race Report

Wildflower Long Course – half-Ironman triathlon on 4/30/11


  • Felt nervous, but not super freaked out! I essentially completed the course three weeks earlier (minus the swim and without the run directly after the bike) and felt okay and raced it last year.
  • Having my bike racked right next to Katya – always good to be around a friend and experienced triathlete – plus a bonus—expert sunscreen application!
  • Starting out with a bunch of other SF Tri ladies in the same age group
  • Pleasant water temperature, which meant that my lungs didn’t contract and cause me to freak out when I got in the water to warm-up or start the swim
  • Felt good going uphill on the bike – Nasty Grade was not so nasty
  • Did not have stomach issues on the bike like last year when I had to switch to just water after mile 40
  • Really focused on looking ahead during downhills
  • Used my aerobars a LOT more than I thought I would. Really liked them.
  • Drank water/Gatorade/Power Bar drink just fine and planned well – ditched a bottle at the aid station before Nasty Grade and just had one full bottle on my bike for the last 25 miles. Perfect.
  • Run mile 1 – sub-9 minute/mile. Misplaced sign, or just feeling good?
  • Felt good on the long flat part of the run
  • BEST aid station – somewhere along the second half of the run, just after my armpits kind of started to chafe (no one ever said triathlons weren’t gross), some lovely people set up a rogue “Jiffy Lube” aid station. Vaseline on the end of a popsicle stick. My pits were happy. And my lips – omg, the salt from Gatorade was beginning to sting them, they were so wind and sunburned.
  • Running through the campsites = awesome. Seriously, I felt like a rockstar knocking back high-fives and seeing all the folks from Golden Gate Tri Club (I think I even gave a little of the “give me more” signal here) and SF Tri Club.
  • Had 1 (or 2?) Gus on the run, roughly alternated water and Gatorade on the run – seemed to work just fine
  • Also – learning to smile during the race more and actually use the energy from the crowd.
  • Digging deep to finish the last three miles. I really feel like I put it all out there.


  • Cara Peck and I did not get to take any pose-down pictures together.
  • WTF? Usually this swim is SUPER well marked. Where are all of the buoys???
  • Second half of the swim – are we in the ocean or a lake? What’s going on with these waves? (also – this wind does not bode well for the bike)
  • F U HEADWIND! I hate you. I hate you, headwind.
  • F U HEADWIND! I hate you. I hate you, headwind.
  • Wishing I could draft
  • Army convoys/semi trucks racing by going the other way (just our lane of the road was closed for most of the loop) and almost getting blown off the road
  • Seeing a helicopter off to the side of the road and a bike wheel sticking up out of the grass far from the road (Perhaps sidewinds due to the convoy? So horrible.)
  • Side stitch on the bike
  • Realizing that my bike time this year will be slower than last year, despite 2x a week spin and my aero bars
  • Wishing I was faster going downhill
  • Only having one bar – usually I need at least 1.5 bars to have energy for the run, but I just couldn’t get into the second one.
  • Not seeing any SF Tri folks out on the bike – kind of a bummer with the single loop course
  • Miles 2-5 (?) of the run = wanting to vomit, overheating, not sure if I need food or drink
  • Finishing 4 minutes slower than last year and 8 places lower in my AG

Here’s the bike stuff from C3PO, my Garmin – http://connect.garmin.com/activity/84632604
My speed is all over the place. Even when stretched out in player mode – http://connect.garmin.com/player/84632604 – it still looks like I’m in a constant state of speeding up or slowing down. Wind? Inefficiencies in my pedaling? Bad Garmin data?

The numbers.
swim time – 41:28, 2:08 pace (I’m guessing that’s per 100 yard), 1126 overall rank (2010 – 40:33)
T1 (How do people do this one quickly? The swim exit is far from the bike and you need to take off your wetsuit, load up your pockets, helmet, sunglasses, shoes… I didn’t even put on gloves or reapply sunscreen!) – 4:35 (2010 – 4:55)
bike time – 3:26:20, 16.2 mph, 843 overall rank (2010 – 3:21:53)
T2 – 2:15 (2010 – 3:05)
run time – 2:07:07, 9:19 min/mile, 582 overall rank (2010 – 2:02:14)

Total – 6:16:45 (2010 – 6:12:29)

27 out of 115 in my women’s 30-34 age group, 112th woman overall

680 out of 1,813 overall men & women

All results for long course can be found here

(In looking at my overall rankings, it’s clear that I’m that much better at running compared to swimming – uh, yes – and biking… or just better at pacing myself than others – I must say, I passed a lot of guys on the run. Not as many women. Maybe the ladies are better prepared? I don’t know.)


2 Comments on “Wildflower Long Course Race Report”

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  2. […] 2:10:32 Pace: 9:57 min/mile   Here are stats in comparison taken from my 2011 WF LC RR. Basically, I have been getting slower over time. Awesome. So much for the mid 30s endurance […]

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