5.20.11 – 5.26.11

5.26.11 Thursday

50 min hilly run followed by 30 min swim – 500, drills, 400. Nice to stretch in the water. Arms were surprisingly tired after my run, so 30 minutes was a good limit from a time perspective, as well as fatigue.

Delicious dinner after – salmon, rice/orzo and spinach/strawberry/goat cheese salad! Thanks, nutrition coach ūüôā

three days of running in a row = no running on Friday!


5.25.11 Wednesday
65 min spin class. High watts. Took the legs a little while to warm up, but then felt good. Followed by a 60 minute run with Faith. Longest brick to date. Pretty happy about that. Exhausted and ravenous.

5.24.11 Tuesday
Another swim in the bay! This one was much more successful – still working our way up to three laps around the buoys, but two laps (I think we were in the water for 30-40 minutes) in the very cold bay = success!

Followed by track, which was a hill workout. Poor pacing on my part – felt great for the first few repeats, toast by the last one.

5.23.11 Monday
noon yoga. ahhhhh.

evening spin. legs felt pretty good, but watts were low. def a recovery class.


5.22.11 Sunday
12.5 mile run with a lot of climbing, some sand, some wind and some sun. I forgot to wear sunscreen on my arms and got burnt. Learn from me. Wear sunscreen when you go for a run – and not just on your face!

Time:02:06:15 | Distance:12.55 mi | Elevation Gain:1,010 ft | Calories:1,223 C

Soaked in an ice bath for about 15 minutes after and then spent the day in my compression 3/4 length tights and socks. A pretty attractive look.

Also – graduation parties on Saturday and Sunday = way too many desserts. I didn’t drink too much, but definitely sampled all of the sweets! Need to exercise more self-control.

5.21.11 Saturday
Big ride. Rode with my boyfriend and his new road bike.
Here’s the link, though I turned my Garmin off at the beginning of the Seven Sisters (Ridgecrest) and then back on again, so the distance/elevation is a bit off.

Interesting ride – front loaded with the big climb up Route 1, and then finished up with Alpine Dam. If you look at the elevation profile, that “big climb” up Route 1 is a tiny bump compared to Alpine Dam(n). Good pacing, felt pretty much okay the whole time – though I should have eaten before the 2 hour mark (Olema). Luckily, my delay didn’t cause me to bonk later.

waffle sandwich (pb & mango butter), banana
some shot blox (?)
Clif bar
4 bottles of drink

Time:04:57:19 | Distance:67.44 mi | Elevation Gain:6,705 ft | Calories:4,236 C

Oh, and while I was busy doing that, a training buddy (well, we have the same IM coach and go to spin at the same time – riding and running together not so much) was really busy qualifying for KONA!!! Check out http://clydesdaletriathlon.blogspot.com/ for Brett’s race report.


5.20.11 Friday
Chill 55 minute swim. Longer intervals- 1000, 200 and 500. 2100 yards.



5.19.11 Thursday evening
Ugh. Legs were telling me to take the day off. I didn’t listen. Made it through about half of the spin class… and then was done. No run afterwards as planned. Feeling really bad about quitting and not following through with my plan for the day. Tomorrow will be a swim day for sure.

5.18.11 Wednesday evening
Legs are tired and heavy after yesterday’s intense spin class. Made it out for an hour run on flat ground, no pushing the pace here, just getting out there. Followed it up with a 30 minute swim, half drills.

5.17.11 Tuesday evening
Normally my track day. But… track got moved to the park and I forgot my bike lock. And there was the threat of rain. So I went to spin instead. What a good move! Really intense class. Felt strong. 65 minutes. Followed it up with some stretching, push-ups and a few hollow-rocks for the core.

5.16.11 Monday afternoon & evening
lunchtime yoga
evening swim – 30 min worth of drills (with one of my IM training buddies in the lane next to me!)
5.15.11 Sunday
Beautiful, tough, stinging thorny plant filled run near Muir Woods. At first, I was not totally on board with driving about an hour for a run. Ok, I’m still not totally cool with it, especially when the total driving time > total running time. But it was fun to run with the group and hit a new trail.

Time: 1:22:18
Distance: 8.41 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,029 ft (seriously, check out the elevation profile on the Garmin link)

5.14.11 Saturday
Fast as all get out (well, to me) paceline-feel-like-a-pro bike ride. Just under 50 miles in about 2 and a half hours.
Distance:46.89 mi
Elevation Gain:1,890 ft
Calories:2,783 C
  • I can do an intense 2.5 hour ride on a bite of Clif bar, a shot block and a bottle of drink. (I sure did not want to run afterwards, though.)
  • Pacelining can be a lot of fun!
  • I can ride my bike at a high intensity for 2.5 hours
  • I’m probably never going to be a bicycle racer because at the end of the day, I like riding my bike with friends. I like talking with them and waiting for each other at the top or bottom of a hill. I like occasionally stopping (but not too long!) for a snack or a drink. After Ironman training is over, I’m really looking forward to all of that again. A ride that’s just FUN.

5.10.11 – 5.13.11

5.13.11 Friday afternoon
wt: 123.4 lbs

57 minute swim.

300 swim, 300 pull

then a bunch of drills… swimming with fists, one armed swimming w/breathing on both sides, and bringing my thumb all the way back to the same spot on my leg.

200 swim, 500 swim


5.12.11 Thursday evening
Spin. 60 min. More high watts. Boo-yah.
Followed by a crappy 30 min run in my Vibrams. Crappy because I got a stitch in my diaphragm and had to walk a bunch. Annoying. Apparently, this means I need to work on my breathing?!? I wonder if it’s a product of an “easy” run – rarely do I have issues when I’m running hard. Anyway, followed it up with some stretching & foam roller.


5.11.11 Wednesday evening
Spin. 60 min. Short intervals, high watts.
Some core & push-ups, stretching & foam roller on my quads/IT. Need a massage.

Also – FOUR MONTHS out from Ironman Wisconsin!!!


5.10.11 Tuesday evening
Feeling much better, but keeping volume lower this week as I completely kick this cold. No sense dragging it out longer or allowing it to get worse. I need to really remind myself to be better about vitamins and sleep, particularly after a few days of tough workouts. It’s really common for endurance athletes to catch a cold right after a big event because that stress on your body also depresses your immune system.

Track – en flambe!!!

Missed the warm-up (warmed up on the bike ride to the track), got there in time for stretching & drills
2x (1600. 4min 1600.) 2 min rest between sets. Why the 4 minute rest? The first of these was FAST! The second one was still quick, but a more managable, 10k-ish pace. First one clocked in at 6:55 (our target pace), second one was 6:50 min.

5.1.11 – 5.9.11

Kind of recovery time, kind of just a few days where training didn’t work out. These things happen. Next week will be more focused (fingers-crossed).

5/8 Monday

Off. Still not feeling great. Will be back at it tomorrow.

5/7 Sunday
Saturday night I thought I was just having a massive allergy attack (not¬†Massive Attack). By noonish on Sunday, I was knocked out. I felt feverish, exhausted – told my boyfriend, “I’m just going to take a little nap before I head out on a run.” And then slept for a long time. Eventually, I was somewhat mobile and alive again, but I think I’ll take today and Monday off and just get totally better.

5/7 Saturday
Legs felt pretty good! Group ride that went a lot longer than planned due some miscommunication. Some of us hung out in Pt Reyes for an hour or so. Bovine Bakery is great and there were tons of other riders (including my friend Stephanie, who’s training for the AIDS Ride and needs donations), but getting going again was tough. Luckily, there were seven of us that stuck together on the return, which made it pretty darn fun, despite the climb on 1 out of Stinson and the ever present headwinds.
Time: 04:12:56
Distance: 63.53 mi
Elevation Gain: 5,366 ft
~1.5 bottles of electrolyte drink/PowerBar/Gatorade stuff
~1 bottle straight up H2O
1 8 oz bottle Coca Cola
half a Bovine Bakery oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (note to self – this was good, but it *looks* better than it tastes) and a handful of chips at Pt Reyes
0.75 Clif bar
1 blox – note to self, I mean just one cube, not one stick of Clif Blox
5/6 Friday evening
Solid 55 minute swim. Started out sluggish, but felt good by the end.
300 swim, 300 pull, 300 kick w/flippers (otherwise I’d still be in the water – my kick on its own does not really propel me forward)
2400 yards
5/5 Thursday
unintentional day off. missed the opportunity for a morning run and then work was super busy and i was stuck there late. had evening plans that involved being dressed up… which meant i needed time to shower and actually wear make-up and heels!
5/4 Wednesday evening
spin, recovery watts
push-ups, sit-ups, stretching
5/3 Tuesday evening
35 minute swim, just kind of chill
3×500 for an even 1500
track, dropped down a pace group to let the legs finish their recovery from saturday
stretch, drills, 2×1 mile + 4×400 (relay style)
5/2 Monday
5/1 Sunday
post race… day off

Wildflower Long Course Race Report

Wildflower Long Course – half-Ironman triathlon on 4/30/11


  • Felt nervous, but not super freaked out! I essentially completed the course three weeks earlier (minus the swim and without the run directly after the bike) and felt okay and raced it last year.
  • Having my bike racked right next to Katya – always good to be around a friend and experienced triathlete – plus a bonus—expert sunscreen application!
  • Starting out with a bunch of other SF Tri ladies in the same age group
  • Pleasant water temperature, which meant that my lungs didn’t contract and cause me to freak out when I got in the water to warm-up or start the swim
  • Felt good going uphill on the bike – Nasty Grade was not so nasty
  • Did not have stomach issues on the bike like last year when I had to switch to just water after mile 40
  • Really focused on looking ahead during downhills
  • Used my aerobars a LOT more than I thought I would. Really liked them.
  • Drank water/Gatorade/Power Bar drink just fine and planned well – ditched a bottle at the aid station before Nasty Grade and just had one full bottle on my bike for the last 25 miles. Perfect.
  • Run mile 1 – sub-9 minute/mile. Misplaced sign, or just feeling good?
  • Felt good on the long flat part of the run
  • BEST aid station – somewhere along the second half of the run, just after my armpits kind of started to chafe (no one ever said triathlons weren’t gross), some lovely people set up a rogue “Jiffy Lube” aid station. Vaseline on the end of a popsicle stick. My pits were happy. And my lips – omg, the salt from Gatorade was beginning to sting them, they were so wind and sunburned.
  • Running through the campsites = awesome. Seriously, I felt like a rockstar knocking back high-fives and seeing all the folks from Golden Gate Tri Club (I think I even gave a little of the “give me more” signal here) and SF Tri Club.
  • Had 1 (or 2?) Gus on the run, roughly alternated water and Gatorade on the run – seemed to work just fine
  • Also – learning to smile during the race more and actually use the energy from the crowd.
  • Digging deep to finish the last three miles. I really feel like I put it all out there.


  • Cara Peck and I did not get to take any pose-down pictures together.
  • WTF? Usually this swim is SUPER well marked. Where are all of the buoys???
  • Second half of the swim – are we in the ocean or a lake? What’s going on with these waves? (also – this wind does not bode well for the bike)
  • F U HEADWIND! I hate you. I hate you, headwind.
  • F U HEADWIND! I hate you. I hate you, headwind.
  • Wishing I could draft
  • Army convoys/semi trucks racing by going the other way (just our lane of the road was closed for most of the loop) and almost getting blown off the road
  • Seeing a helicopter off to the side of the road and a bike wheel sticking up out of the grass far from the road (Perhaps sidewinds due to the convoy? So horrible.)
  • Side stitch on the bike
  • Realizing that my bike time this year will be slower than last year, despite 2x a week spin and my aero bars
  • Wishing I was faster going downhill
  • Only having one bar – usually I need at least 1.5 bars to have energy for the run, but I just couldn’t get into the second one.
  • Not seeing any SF Tri folks out on the bike – kind of a bummer with the single loop course
  • Miles 2-5 (?) of the run = wanting to vomit, overheating, not sure if I need food or drink
  • Finishing 4 minutes slower than last year and 8 places lower in my AG

Here’s the bike stuff from C3PO, my Garmin – http://connect.garmin.com/activity/84632604
My speed is all over the place. Even when stretched out in player mode – http://connect.garmin.com/player/84632604 – it still looks like I’m in a constant state of speeding up or slowing down. Wind? Inefficiencies in my pedaling? Bad Garmin data?

The numbers.
swim time – 41:28, 2:08 pace (I’m guessing that’s per 100 yard), 1126 overall rank (2010 – 40:33)
T1 (How do people do this one quickly? The swim exit is far from the bike and you need to take off your wetsuit, load up your pockets, helmet, sunglasses, shoes… I didn’t even put on gloves or reapply sunscreen!) – 4:35 (2010 – 4:55)
bike time – 3:26:20, 16.2 mph, 843 overall rank (2010 – 3:21:53)
T2 – 2:15 (2010 – 3:05)
run time – 2:07:07, 9:19 min/mile, 582 overall rank (2010 – 2:02:14)

Total Р6:16:45 (2010 Р6:12:29)

27 out of 115 in my women’s 30-34 age group, 112th woman overall

680 out of 1,813 overall men & women

All results for long course can be found here

(In looking at my overall rankings, it’s clear that I’m that much better at running compared to swimming – uh, yes – and biking… or just better at pacing myself than others – I must say, I passed a lot of guys on the run. Not as many women. Maybe the ladies are better prepared? I don’t know.)

Pre Wildflower thoughts

It’s a huge party. It’s hot and there’s little shade. It’s got some of the best volunteers around.¬†¬†It’s a great early race. It’s a fun weekend with my triathlon club.

Wildflower triathlon. April 29 and May 1. I’m going to be doing the¬†Wildflower Long Course… a race with quite an intimidating hill profile, not unlike some of the training rides and runs I’ve been doing so far this year.

Last year I dove head first into the half-Ironman distance (up from Olympic distance) with this doozy of a race. I decided to give it a shot again this year. As I get ready to go, I’m wondering if that’s such a good idea. I feel okay, but nervous. I haven’t done any real open water swims, my aero bars are still very new to me (just two rides with them) and I’m feeling really tired. But, this be a good check-in to see how I’m doing and I’ll just remind myself that my main goal is Ironman Wisconsin, 4 months and two weeks from now.

Still, ya gotta have goals. Since I did this race last year, my goal is to beat that time – 6 hours, 12 minutes. We’ll see…

I’m trying out a little different race-week routine. Usually the Saturday before the race I do a 25-30 mile ride with some hill repeats and a 30-45 min brick. I did not do this. I also did not do an open water swim on Sunday. I also went mildly hard at spin on Wednesday and then ran after – in the past I just swim on Wednesdays and then coast through to race day.

Ideally, I’ll see an improvement on the bike – been doing spin 2x a week with some consistency – though Mondays is primarily just active recovery, so I’m not really sure if that’s like doing spin 1.5x a week? Anyway, last year I was still doing Crossfit 1-2x a week and only spinning 1x a week. I don’t have any expectations for an improved swim, but hopefully I’m around the same time as last year. 40ish minutes is just fine. And then the run. It’s a tough run, but again, a small improvement – I’d love to see sub-2 hours. It’s a hilly course on trails though, and heat can definitely be a factor. Post Wildflower thoughts to come after my race on Saturday…


4.28.11-4.29.11 Thursday/Friday
4.27.11 Wednesday evening
am – push-ups & core
short-ish spin class, ~50 min. quick intervals.
35 min run on the treadmill – good brick, few pick-ups and inclines

4.26.11 Tuesday evening

wt: 124.4

Bike to track. Track.
Modified the workout a little because of my upcoming race.
2x(1200@10k pace->rit 400 quicker), 3:00 jog rest
+800@slightly slower pace
cool down, stretch