4/25 Monday afternoon & evening

noon yoga.
active recovery spin. legs actually felt pretty good and i stuck around for the bonus set. followed by some stretching – mostly IT band, hamstrings.
4/24 Sunday
300 swim
300 pull
300 kick (bonus blister near my big toenail from the flippers! neat!)
500 – increased speed on the last 25 of every 100
300, 200, 100 – increased speed last 25 of each
~45 min
2100 m
followed by a relaxing yoga class
Should have been a run, but I wasn’t feeling well when I woke up. Legs are tired anyway.
4/23 Saturday
40 mi bike, feeling pretty good. Need to tweak my aerobars again.
Followed by a 30 min run jog
4/22 Friday afternoon
100 c/d
~45 min, 2100 m
4/21 Thursday evening
Perhaps you’ve noticed that I haven’t had an official rest day since April 3? No, just me? I have been trying to incorporate¬†active recovery¬†instead of a full-on rest day. I also tend to keep it lighter on Fridays so I have relatively fresh legs for my long ride or run on Saturday (sadly, the Sunday long ride/run never has the same opportunity). Also, realistically, there are plenty of days that I may start off with a morning/evening schedule in mind and then don’t get to do one of those workouts. And sometime, I’ll get sick. Or something will come up and I’ll miss a workout. I figure by continuing to keep active every day, I’ll feel much less guilt when those things do come up and disrupt my plan.
Interesting article about rest days –


My evening run was definitely a recovery run. Nothing in the legs for any sort of intervals, just went out and did a nice 55 min jog, followed up by a lot of stretching and foam rolling on my quads, calves and IT bands. Getting a little concerned about my IT bands… ūüė¶


4/20 Wednesday evening
spin. 65 min. lots of time spent in the 100% watt territory.
followed up by a 40 min brick run
ate a banana right after while stretching and foam rolling
had a horrible stomachache by the time i got home. luckily, my boyfriend does a lot of extended backcountry snowboarding and canyoneering trips and – following¬†wednesday’s near-bonk¬†–¬†¬†has decided to be my nutrition coach. he wisely diagnosed me over the phone as needing fluid and salt. i was healed up and able to eat something carby and simple for dinner. yeah!
4/19 Tuesday evening
OMFG. First swim in the bay. 15 minutes, which was one little lap around the buoys.
That’s 0.3 of a mile. That is:
1. Very slow
2. Inadequate training for my upcoming race
3. Sad
4. Victorious! First swim in the Bay! It was frickin freezing! And then Cara and I went to track! So it’s sort of like a brick workout!
(Cara and I agreed that we probably would have done a second lap if we didn’t have to leave for our track workout)
Yeah. The swim sucked.
Track was good. Tough. Missed the warm-up, due to the aforementioned sucktastic swim.
7×600, 1:47 per 400, jog the 200


Monday afternoon and evening
Wt: 123.5 lbs

Lunchtime yoga. 55 min. Really want to add a second class to my routine – especially as I start logging more running hours.

Evening spin. Recovery mode. 55 min.

Vasa 3×15, abs, stretch

Really tempted to skip spin. Tired and had a headache all day.


4/17 Sunday

Didn’t really want to bring my Garmin out with me today… just wanted to run, run, run for about two hours. Brought it with anyway and tried to keep my eyes away from all of the tempting data. I was TOAST around 90 minutes and had to take a few walk breaks, particularly up some hills. Blah. Got home and realized that I actually did more climbing than the Wildflower run! So there you have it – data is important, folks.

Time: 02:07:49
Distance: 13.61 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,517 ft
Calories: 1,350 C


Brought my Camelbak with me – drank 8-12 oz (?) water, 3 Gu Chomps (30 cal each).

15 min ice¬†cold water¬†bath afterwards. Much easier with a hot cup of coffee and a book to read and a longsleeve shirt (As shown here¬†in this post from my beloved Crossfit gym, United Barbell… where I will return after Ironman!)


4/16 Saturday

Ride with Matt and Steve (On his track bike. Amazing.) in the East Bay hills. Installed my aerobars and had a few opportunities to try them out. Need to tweak things a little, but overall seems like they’ll work out for me okay… I do think they look ridiculous on my pretty bike. Sigh.


Time: 03:21:24
Distance: 45.52 mi
Elevation Gain: 3,740 ft
Calories: 2,779 C

Eats: 1/2 pb&j, banana, few shot blox, 1 bottle of PB endurance drink, 1/2 bottle water, shot blok right before brick

Followed up by a 30 min run, naturally seeking out hills in preparation of Wildflower in two weeks.  Felt crappy for the first 1.5 miles, then much better.


4/15 Friday morning

swim! 50 min.
300 kick, 300 pull
5×100 on 2:10
100 c/d
felt really sluggish at first, but ok by the end of the warm-up. really hungry when i was done, even though i had a good breakfast before my swim.
4/14 Thursday afternoon
hill run. california street from near the ferry building to divisadero. about 5 miles. if you look at the¬†hill profile of california street, you can see why i’m totally okay with a 9 min/mi pace. 45 min.
4/13 Wednesday evening
70 min spin. intense. bunch of stuff around 100% watts.
40 min run.
stretching, 3×15 vasa
extended ride home with a stop off at USF to pick up a swim pass. doing all of that on water and getting home at 9:30 = completely wrecked. and stupid.
4/12 Tuesday morning, evening
50 min swim
100, 150, 200, 200, 150, 100 – increased intensity for the second half
2×50, quick
100 c/d
track – threshold workout
3×1600 m @ 1:56 per 400
~1mi cool down
4/11 Monday afternoon, evening
yoga at lunch
60 min spin – v chill
WFTW run
Time: 02:02:15
Distance: 12.71 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,331 ft
Calories: 1,262 C
xoxo to my running buddy. felt very good after the run, which means that i have some room to go a little quicker during the race (this is right about my race time last year), assuming that i keep the bike under control. that’s a big assumption!
4/6 Saturday
WFTW (Wildflower Training Weekend)
Did the bike course. Really want aerobars. There’s a big windy stretch of flat, open road. Gonna have to deal with adding some extra stuff to my baby. ¬†Then did a short swim.
Time: 03:35:58
Distance: 56.45 mi
Elevation Gain: 3,452 ft
Calories: 2,865 C
4/5 Friday
day off – travel to Wildflower Triathlon Training Weekend!
4/4 Thursday morning
300 free, 300 kick (w/flippers), 300 pull
2×100 w/flippers (learned that flippers + free doesn’t actually work, my arms don’t actually have to move because of the force from the flippers)
4×50 (relaxed 25, sprint 25)
100 back/breast stroke cool down
4/3 Wednesday evening
legs still dead. watts were way low. 60 min
4/2 Tuesday evening
4x :45 on, :45 off
15 min @ 8:30 min/mi
4x :45 on, :45 off
4/4 Monday afternoon
50 min
4/3 Sunday
off! up and down the stairs to do laundry was more than enough for my quads.

Tri Not 2 Ralph

4/2 Saturday
That website and all of its delightful copy pretty much sums up the day for me, but here are my notes.
Early, early wake up, followed by a pick-up from Kelly M and her boyfriend to Aquatic Park. So nice of them to help me out. It was dark. It was cold. Well… okay, it was dark, but it really could have been much, much colder outside. Despite the dark and cold and early, I was happy to see Cara, Caren and Stella, who were volunteering at the event.
After getting our¬†body marking¬†– cherries for newbies and buckets for previous Ralphers¬†(linky will take you to what normal tri body marking is all about) and few stops off at the nearby Starbucks to use the bathroom… it was time to get going.
So, TN2R:
  • ¬†Lingerie (Anyone else have a really tough time spelling that one? Thanks squiggly line!). Over your wetsuit or just over whatever you’re wearing into the bay. The more obnoxious the better. I went with a sort of fake bustier top I wore once as part of a costume in Vegas. And a Hello Kitty thong. Hello Kitty is a sort of unofficial mascot of SF Tri Club, so this made sense to the rest of the people there, even if it clashed with my red and black skull bustier.
  • Team Luna ladies happened to be at Aquatic Park that morning. They definitely enjoyed the show. Triathlete men in speedos and bras?!? Bring it on. The tourists… well, this just solidified the fact that SF is Crazytown, USA.
  • Pre-swim challenge – I am not going to try to explain this too much. Basically, two teams (cherries vs buckets – see above) have one giant beach ball to carry from one end of the beach to the other. Hilarity ensued.
  • A very short, very cold “swim” in the Bay wearing¬†lingerie¬†over my tri shorts. I also tried wearing some neoprene booties to protect my toes from the frozen waters of the bay… added to the super hot look and didn’t work too well – they kind of fell off/created drag in the water and my feet were still numb for another two hours after the swim.
  • Change into my hula dancer costume over my bike gear. I think that I should wear a lei on my helmet more often.
  • Some fave costumes – Princess Leia (WIG OVER HELMET. WIG OVER HELMET. GENIUS.), Batwoman and Super Woman. Harry Potter (also very smart – attached a small broom along the top tube of the bike). Pirate.
  • Kelly M hiked her tutu up around her tatas because it was becoming a safety hazard down around her waist
  • Bike was not bad. Yeah, it was a lot of climbing. Ate kind of the usual sandwich, 2x bars, couple Shot Blox. There was an aid station where I had a few pb pretzels and strawberries. Refilled water.
  • The run. OMFG the run. How did this even qualify as a run?
  • Why do people bribe race organizers to do the Dipsea race?
  • I am weak
  • 14 miles. The elevation map looks like the edge of a serrated knife
  • The first mile was three monster sets of stairs
  • I wouldn’t have finished if Faith B hadn’t been there with me the whole time
  • My quads were shot until Thursday
  • I was most definitely not in costume any more
  • It’s never a good sign when your Garmin battery dies before you’re done – it was and out and back, so just look at it out to mile 7 and then reverse it
  • We finished and ate a lot of pizza
  • I think I am going to volunteer next year
Hugs and kisses and buckets of vomit to the race organizers and volunteers who may stumble upon this blog.
The ride:http://connect.garmin.com/activity/77132404
The run: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/77132414
Some pictures (on the way)
More pics are on Facebook.


4/1 Friday
nuthin. a nice walk home while it was still warm outside. tomorrow’s going to be crazytown.
3/31 Thursday afternoon and night
run in the fakesummer sun – 50 min in vibrams, 2:00 on, :30 off pick ups for the last 20 min
night ride – SF city loop ~ 25 miles in about 2hrs. slowed down by the darkness – need a better light.

3/30 Wednesday morning

4×50 – chill 25/quick 25
100 cool down
2300m, 55 min