8 March 2011 Tuesday afternoon & evening
Swimming = recovery. That’s the super brief summary of an article found in Triathlon Competitor online. Good motivation for me to try to take a break today… I’m still feeling my weekend workouts in my legs and have track tonight.

40 min swim – continuous, save for a few times when I had to pause because we were circle swimming and I didn’t want to run anyone over (You know, because I’m so effing fast. Hahahaha.)

500m right into
50 fast, 50 recovery
100 fast, 50 recovery
150 f, 50 r
200 f, 50 r
150 f, 50 r
100 f, 50 r
50 f
200 cool-down
1800 meters

track workout:

warm-up, stretch, drills
2x(3x400m@VO2 = 1:43  w/ 1:00 + 1x400m@1500m = 1:37); 400m easy jog after each set of 4
Then… two extra 400s because we were actually supposed to do 4×400 at VO2, then 1×400 at 1500m. Whoops. We did the last two at 1500m pace-ish.
cool down.

Also, I timed my ride from work to the track. It’s a solid 30 minutes. No wonder I’m super hungry by the time I’m done with track!


7 March 2011 Monday afternoon yoga

Here’s my horoscope for the day:
You may not be able to justify playing with your friends today, even after your workday is over. You could have such a large backlog of obligations now that you don’t feel finished even after you complete several items on your checklist. However, feeling guilty doesn’t serve any real purpose, nor does endlessly explaining your actions to anyone else. Just do as much as humanly possible and then reward yourself by letting go of any lingering concerns that prevent you from enjoying the present moment.

And guess what? I’m not going to spin tonight! I have a friend in town and am going to be hanging out with a couple of my favorite ladies, pretending that I’m part of the literazzi (ok, just made that up – literature/paparazzi… going to a friend’s book reading)! Funny thing is, pre-triathlon, it would have made WAY more sense for me, a nerdy academic, music, drama-y kid, to go to hear people read their own short stories than to be in a spin studio.

Of course, I’m still a total nerd.

Yoga today. Felt great. Thrilled to add it to my routine and actually just blocked that time off on my calendar through September.



3/6 Sunday
Late afternoon run through Golden Gate Park. Light drizzle, warm weather, good music. Pushed the pace and was pleased to be running <8 min/mile through some stretches. Had a Gu and some water at halfway. 10 miles, 1:22:51. Stretched after, but really looking forward to noon yoga tomorrow.
3/5 Saturday
Long ride with SF Tri Club folks. 75 freaking miles and 5h20m of riding time!!!

Food & drink –

Started out w/two bottles of PowerBar endurance (short scoop)
Finished one bottle, refilled with small coconut water + water in Olema – finished that, ended with about a half a bottle of Endurance
Mojo bar, most of a stick of Shot Blox, most of a cookie bar/chocolate/coconut/graham cracker thing I bought in Olema

Beautiful weather, rain started just after I got home. Great company and good solo riding time. Felt pretty great afterwards – short nap and managed to stay out pretty late on Saturday night.

3/4 Friday afternoon
low motivation to get myself to the pool today, but eventually made it for a 50 min swim. had to circle swim with some people that were slower (than me?!? what?), which made for the occasional earlier stop/longer/shorter rest. also why i went with the 1000m to open, just kind of the easiest way to get some distance in under the circumstances.
200m pull only
5×100 on :05 rest
200 breast stroke (ugh. hate it. suck at it.)
50 back
3×50 chill, then fast

feeling a little bit concerned about my weekend plans. my IM training group is opting for a trail run tomorrow and indoor spin on sunday. weather is looking clear for saturday, so i’m going to do a ride with another group and then run on sunday. kind of bummed because i like my training group and want to spend more time with them… and because running has not been progressing very quickly. but i also think that i need to get more hours on the bike. le sigh.

3/3 Thursday afternoon
wt: 125.4 UP! Need to watch it… damn Easter candy
60 min flat lunch run w/Cara. So great to run with a friend in the sunshine!
3/2 Wednesday evening
am – 25 push-ups, 100 crunches, :30 sec glute medius strengthener
Spin spin spinaroo…

3/1 Tuesday afternoon & evening

wt: 124.4 lbs
afternoon swim at the Y:
200, :20, 50 (increasing speed), :20 x4
100 cool down – back
1600m, 38 min

evening track

warm-up, stretch, drills
2x1000m @ 1:47 per 400, 2:30 off
1200 @ 8:30? per min/mile
2x1000m @ 1:47 per 400, 2:30 off

80s night at the track… pretty fun to ride my bike across town in my purple spandex and layered socks. AND enjoy a beer and dinner afterwards – always tough to get out after a long day, but i’m happy i made it tonight.

2/28 Monday afternoon and evening

Yoga at lunch. What?!? Yes, I did yoga and I liked it. Hatha flow at the Y. Based on my limited yoga experience, I think I may still like Bikram the best, but this was pretty great. We stayed in pigeon pose for 7-8 breaths, which was great for my IT band and did the chaturanga sequence a bunch, which is kind of like doing a push-up. Felt like my abs got a good workout, too. Nice break in the day and I hope to repeat it again next week.

Evening. Spin. Per the reg. One of the sets was 10×3:00 on :30 rest. Seemed like it would be horrible at first, but M2 kept it interesting and even my recovering legs enjoyed the ride.