29 March 2011 Tuesday afternoon and evening

Did the “get to work early so I can take a long swim break” thing today. Loved it. Wish I had done that last week. Also positive – having breakfast in the morning and then a banana right before I left to swim. Wasn’t a complete wreck by the end of my swim… just really hungry by the time I was showered.

Sort of followed the Masters swim stuff that was on the board, but uh, only did about half of it. I am slow.

  • 300 free
  • 100 kick
  • 200 pull
  • 5×100
  • 2×250
  • 500
  • 4×50 – slow 25, fast 25
  • 100 cool down

2400m, 60 min in the water

track – Michigan run

warm-up, stretch, drills

1600m @10k pace -> 0.75mi @80% -> 1200 @5k pace -> 0.75mi @80% -> 800 @vo2 -> cool down


28 March 2011 Monday afternoon and evening

Lunch time yoga.

Evening spin. (70 min, recovery with an edge)

So I don’t slack like last week, here’s the current plan for the week:

  • Tues – swim/track
  • Wed – swim, run if legs feel okay
  • Thurs – run/spin
  • Fri – swim


27 March 2011 Sunday

Holy headwind. Ride was okay because I had Kelly M to talk to the whole time, but sucked because of the headwind, and also because my legs were beat after two days of running (I don’t normally do back-to-back run days).

We lost the group early on when we stopped and they took off. It would have been nice to have some protection with all of the wind, but I don’t know that I could have really kept up with a faster group.


Oatmeal w/pb, mango and banana in the morning, probably 2 (2.5?) hrs before ride start. Should have had something closer to ride start.

On the ride – sandwich -1 white pita  w/raspberry jam and almond butter, 3 Gu Chomps (not three bags!), 1 bottle w/ 1 scoop PowerBar Endurance (cuz that’s what we’re having on the Ironman course), 1/3 Clif bar

Felt – drained after, no way I was going for any sort of jog (blaming headwind and legs, not food/drink)

Garmin info:

Time: 03:54:18
Distance: 56.30 mi
Elevation Gain: 3,161 ft
Calories: 3,223 C


26 March 2011 Saturday

Muddy run – about 80% on trails in Golden Gate Park – offered the varied surface of trails, which has been nicer on my body, as well as hills. Unfortunately, I forgot to reset my watch at some point. I’m estimating 11 miles, averaging about 9 min/mile (since the hills weren’t terribly epic and there was some down and flat). About 1:40.


Oatmeal w/pb and banana in the morning, couple hours before I ran. ½ a Powerbar (nasty) before I went out.

During the run – 1 Hammer Gel, banana flavor (yum!), water from my Camelbak

Great tool for those situations when you know some of your info, but don’t feel like doing math…the Cool Running Pace Calculator.


25 March 2011 Friday afternoon

55 min run

30 min regular, then 25 min of 10 min fast, 2 min jog, 5 min fast, 1 min jog, 2:30 fast, then jog the rest


24 March 2011 Thursday

Day off. Muscles were not cooperating after yesterday’s massage, likely not helped by splitting a bottle of red wine over dinner.


23 March 2011 Wednesday afternoon

My birthday!

I took a half day off work and went to the spa. (Groupon is so great for this stuff!) The Intercontinental Hotel in SF has a lap pool – little shy of 25m, so it was okay for 2000m, but would have sucked to go much farther than that. Swam for about 50 minutes.

Enjoyed the Jacuzzi, steam room, fancy pants shower and a 100 minute deep tissue massage. Some of that massage was bliss, some of it was agony. I was really overdue for some body work.


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