21 March 2011 Monday evening
yoga, followed by a 1200 m swim ~30 min in the water. 500 w/u, 5×100 building, 200 c/d

schedule this week may be a bit off – birthday on wednesday and ncaa tournament play starts back up on thursday. we shall see…

20 March 2011 Sunday
Rain/sun/mud/small pond/clear trail…run, no Garmin. This map would have looked pretty cool – bunch of mini out and backs from a central point. Rumor has it that it was about 8.5 miles, 1h24m.

Oh yeah, in my fabulous new trail shoes. My sister won a pair of Brooks shoes and was kind enough to share them with her big sis (love!). Brooks Adrenaline ASR 7 (a trail version of my regular running shoe), with more grip, trailriffic colors (meaning, not white so the dirt don’t hurt) and added toe protection from mean rocks that come out to trip you.

19 March 2011 Saturday
30 push-ups, core work

Indoor spin, while watching WVa/KY game. ~90 min

12 min cold ass run around the rainy block

Foam roller & stretch

Rode home in the hail. For crying out loud. Happy spring, SF.
18 March 2011 Friday morning
500w/u r.i.t. 500, last 25 of each 100 quicker pace
5×200, last 25 of each quicker pace, 5-10 sec rest
5×50 – quick on the return 25
100 c/d
2300 meters
55 min
17 March 2011 Thursday evening
1:05 run
hilly route + hill repeats
big thank you to the lucky grocery store on fulton. a pit stop at your bathroom made that last mile home much more tolerable.
16 March 2011 Wednesday morning and evening
500+500 building
3×100, sprint last 25
200 – sprint every other length
100 cool down
38 min
1700 meters

evening spin class – focused on short, quick, high wattage intervals

15 March 2011 Tuesday morning and evening
1000m w/u rit 200 hard
10×100 on 2:15
200 cool down – mix back/free
around 60 minutes.


a fairly unmotivating, rainy ride to track. should i have gone to spin instead? arriving to a men’s track group running shirtless, relatively empty track and clearing skies as the workout progressed = correct decision.
stretch, drills
3×1600, 8:00. 1:00 off
1600 cool down

14 March 2011 Monday

Nice relaxing, stretching yoga class. Not the nooner, since I had a meeting, but an evening class. Pretty great to have so many options at the Y.

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