11 March 2011 Friday evening
Happy hour?
Tried a class at the Y called “Lengthen, Strengthen and Relax.” I appreciated the 50 minutes of stretch time and 10 minutes of relaxation, but might have gotten a better stretch with yoga? Tough call though, because some yoga poses seem to tire my legs more than stretch them. However the “strengthen” part? Laying on my back and doing dumbbell bench press, tricep extensions and fly with 3 pound hand weights = absolutely useless. Anyway, despite the mixed review, I’ll keep this class in mind when I need some extra guided stretching or relaxing.

Followed up the old lady stretches (offensive, but kinda true) with a brief swim. My hunger kicked me out of the pool. Bah.

34 minutes
500m warm-up right into
50 fast, 50 recovery
100 fast, 100 recovery
200 fast, 50 recovery
250 fast, 50 recovery
150 fast, 50 recovery
50 fast, 50 recovery
50 backstroke

1650m. I’d like to be swimming about 1000m more than that… chalk it up to a down (except for that long run!) week. Better next week.

10 March 2011 Thursday afternoon
Long run for a lunchtime. Just stuck around work a little later – I’d rather run in the daylight than at night.
1:05, somewhere around 8 miles

Was going to spin tonight to make up for Monday… or yoga, but I was at work too late. Sometimes (especially this week?) that happens.


9 March 2011 Wednesday evening

I woke up late this morning and felt like I could have slept for another hour. I think this week is just going to be a little low in training volume… and that’s okay. I’ll get some more swim time in next week.

Spin class + 3×20 Vasa pulls

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