29 March 2011 Tuesday afternoon and evening

Did the “get to work early so I can take a long swim break” thing today. Loved it. Wish I had done that last week. Also positive – having breakfast in the morning and then a banana right before I left to swim. Wasn’t a complete wreck by the end of my swim… just really hungry by the time I was showered.

Sort of followed the Masters swim stuff that was on the board, but uh, only did about half of it. I am slow.

  • 300 free
  • 100 kick
  • 200 pull
  • 5×100
  • 2×250
  • 500
  • 4×50 – slow 25, fast 25
  • 100 cool down

2400m, 60 min in the water

track – Michigan run

warm-up, stretch, drills

1600m @10k pace -> 0.75mi @80% -> 1200 @5k pace -> 0.75mi @80% -> 800 @vo2 -> cool down


28 March 2011 Monday afternoon and evening

Lunch time yoga.

Evening spin. (70 min, recovery with an edge)

So I don’t slack like last week, here’s the current plan for the week:

  • Tues – swim/track
  • Wed – swim, run if legs feel okay
  • Thurs – run/spin
  • Fri – swim


27 March 2011 Sunday

Holy headwind. Ride was okay because I had Kelly M to talk to the whole time, but sucked because of the headwind, and also because my legs were beat after two days of running (I don’t normally do back-to-back run days).

We lost the group early on when we stopped and they took off. It would have been nice to have some protection with all of the wind, but I don’t know that I could have really kept up with a faster group.


Oatmeal w/pb, mango and banana in the morning, probably 2 (2.5?) hrs before ride start. Should have had something closer to ride start.

On the ride – sandwich -1 white pita  w/raspberry jam and almond butter, 3 Gu Chomps (not three bags!), 1 bottle w/ 1 scoop PowerBar Endurance (cuz that’s what we’re having on the Ironman course), 1/3 Clif bar

Felt – drained after, no way I was going for any sort of jog (blaming headwind and legs, not food/drink)

Garmin info:

Time: 03:54:18
Distance: 56.30 mi
Elevation Gain: 3,161 ft
Calories: 3,223 C


26 March 2011 Saturday

Muddy run – about 80% on trails in Golden Gate Park – offered the varied surface of trails, which has been nicer on my body, as well as hills. Unfortunately, I forgot to reset my watch at some point. I’m estimating 11 miles, averaging about 9 min/mile (since the hills weren’t terribly epic and there was some down and flat). About 1:40.


Oatmeal w/pb and banana in the morning, couple hours before I ran. ½ a Powerbar (nasty) before I went out.

During the run – 1 Hammer Gel, banana flavor (yum!), water from my Camelbak

Great tool for those situations when you know some of your info, but don’t feel like doing math…the Cool Running Pace Calculator.


25 March 2011 Friday afternoon

55 min run

30 min regular, then 25 min of 10 min fast, 2 min jog, 5 min fast, 1 min jog, 2:30 fast, then jog the rest


24 March 2011 Thursday

Day off. Muscles were not cooperating after yesterday’s massage, likely not helped by splitting a bottle of red wine over dinner.


23 March 2011 Wednesday afternoon

My birthday!

I took a half day off work and went to the spa. (Groupon is so great for this stuff!) The Intercontinental Hotel in SF has a lap pool – little shy of 25m, so it was okay for 2000m, but would have sucked to go much farther than that. Swam for about 50 minutes.

Enjoyed the Jacuzzi, steam room, fancy pants shower and a 100 minute deep tissue massage. Some of that massage was bliss, some of it was agony. I was really overdue for some body work.



22 March 2011 Tuesday evening
First post from my phone!

Wt: 124.4 #. Up from last time. Would like to see this trend down. Need to plan better so I eat better.

am: 30 push ups, core work

Spin class, 60 min. Included another 10 min time trial to test our Watts. I’m up from last time, but am still shy of 200 W for my 10 min average.

Since I didn’t go to track tonight, followed spin with 30 min on the treadmill. 10 min w/u, then 3×5 min, 1:00 off. Approximated the 1200m sets I would have done at the track, 10k pace.


21 March 2011 Monday evening
yoga, followed by a 1200 m swim ~30 min in the water. 500 w/u, 5×100 building, 200 c/d

schedule this week may be a bit off – birthday on wednesday and ncaa tournament play starts back up on thursday. we shall see…

20 March 2011 Sunday
Rain/sun/mud/small pond/clear trail…run, no Garmin. This map would have looked pretty cool – bunch of mini out and backs from a central point. Rumor has it that it was about 8.5 miles, 1h24m.

Oh yeah, in my fabulous new trail shoes. My sister won a pair of Brooks shoes and was kind enough to share them with her big sis (love!). Brooks Adrenaline ASR 7 (a trail version of my regular running shoe), with more grip, trailriffic colors (meaning, not white so the dirt don’t hurt) and added toe protection from mean rocks that come out to trip you.

19 March 2011 Saturday
30 push-ups, core work

Indoor spin, while watching WVa/KY game. ~90 min

12 min cold ass run around the rainy block

Foam roller & stretch

Rode home in the hail. For crying out loud. Happy spring, SF.
18 March 2011 Friday morning
500w/u r.i.t. 500, last 25 of each 100 quicker pace
5×200, last 25 of each quicker pace, 5-10 sec rest
5×50 – quick on the return 25
100 c/d
2300 meters
55 min
17 March 2011 Thursday evening
1:05 run
hilly route + hill repeats
big thank you to the lucky grocery store on fulton. a pit stop at your bathroom made that last mile home much more tolerable.
16 March 2011 Wednesday morning and evening
500+500 building
3×100, sprint last 25
200 – sprint every other length
100 cool down
38 min
1700 meters

evening spin class – focused on short, quick, high wattage intervals

15 March 2011 Tuesday morning and evening
1000m w/u rit 200 hard
10×100 on 2:15
200 cool down – mix back/free
around 60 minutes.


a fairly unmotivating, rainy ride to track. should i have gone to spin instead? arriving to a men’s track group running shirtless, relatively empty track and clearing skies as the workout progressed = correct decision.
stretch, drills
3×1600, 8:00. 1:00 off
1600 cool down

14 March 2011 Monday

Nice relaxing, stretching yoga class. Not the nooner, since I had a meeting, but an evening class. Pretty great to have so many options at the Y.

A few iPhone pics from trails and roads

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3.12 and 3.13

13 March 2011

Realized I hadn’t stepped on the scale in a while. Things are holding steady there, which is good. wt: 123.4 lb

Perfect temperatures and overcast skies for this group trail run. Found myself in between groups for a while, but made it most of the way back with other runners.


1:08 and 7.57 mi


12 March 2011

Great ride. Beautiful day. Cold descents. Fun group.

SF-Hwy1-Stinson-Bolinas-BoFax-Seven Sisters-Panoramic-1-home

Holy elevation gain…

Time: 4:38, Distance 58.04 mi, Elevation Gain 6,620 ft
Eats: 2 bottles of drink, 4 Clif Shot Blox, 1 Mojo bar, 1 Clif bar 

That gave me enough energy (also, promising Kelly M, my ride buddy, that I’d do it really helped) for my first brick! A very, very chill 20 minutes around my neighborhood. But then I was totally wiped out and useless the rest of the day. I really do not like that. Last weekend  I had plans to go out soon after my ride and rallied… maybe the trick is making plans so I can’t just watch Glee and talk to my mom and get coffee and nap? I mean, not a bad way to spend a Saturday – I needed some down time anyway, but can’t make this a habit!


11 March 2011 Friday evening
Happy hour?
Tried a class at the Y called “Lengthen, Strengthen and Relax.” I appreciated the 50 minutes of stretch time and 10 minutes of relaxation, but might have gotten a better stretch with yoga? Tough call though, because some yoga poses seem to tire my legs more than stretch them. However the “strengthen” part? Laying on my back and doing dumbbell bench press, tricep extensions and fly with 3 pound hand weights = absolutely useless. Anyway, despite the mixed review, I’ll keep this class in mind when I need some extra guided stretching or relaxing.

Followed up the old lady stretches (offensive, but kinda true) with a brief swim. My hunger kicked me out of the pool. Bah.

34 minutes
500m warm-up right into
50 fast, 50 recovery
100 fast, 100 recovery
200 fast, 50 recovery
250 fast, 50 recovery
150 fast, 50 recovery
50 fast, 50 recovery
50 backstroke

1650m. I’d like to be swimming about 1000m more than that… chalk it up to a down (except for that long run!) week. Better next week.

10 March 2011 Thursday afternoon
Long run for a lunchtime. Just stuck around work a little later – I’d rather run in the daylight than at night.
1:05, somewhere around 8 miles

Was going to spin tonight to make up for Monday… or yoga, but I was at work too late. Sometimes (especially this week?) that happens.


9 March 2011 Wednesday evening

I woke up late this morning and felt like I could have slept for another hour. I think this week is just going to be a little low in training volume… and that’s okay. I’ll get some more swim time in next week.

Spin class + 3×20 Vasa pulls

Some more Q and A

A coworker had a bunch of questions for me earlier this week… thought I’d share.
How far is your race?
2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run
Except, that she’s Canadian. So in metric…
2.4 miles = 3 862 meters (3.86 km)
112 miles = 180 kilometers
26.2 miles = 42 kilometers
(Thanks Google Conversions!)
How long will it take you?
I have no idea. I’ve only done two half-Ironman races and my average was around six hours. This site claims I should double my half time and add 40 minutes. While that would be nice, 12:40 seems really lofty. Let’s say 13.5 – 16 hours? 17? A LOT can go wrong. Couple flat tires, rain, hot temperatures, upset stomach…

When will you rest?
When it’s over. Seriously, if I need to take a break on the bike, I’ll stop at an aid station for a bit – but I know that I can’t stay off the bike for too long without my legs getting really angry at me upon restarting. I will have to go to the bathroom sometime, so that’s “rest.” And on the run? I’m guessing I’ll try for a “just keep moving” approach and walk/shuffle as needed.

When will you eat?
This is one of the reasons I’m logging what I eat on the bike – so I know about how much I’ll eat. The bike is when I’ll eat some solid food – like bars/bananas/who knows what else they have out at aid stations… in addition to Shot Blox and other gel-type sugar/electrolyte replacements. Lots of Ironman folks talk about drinks like Carbopro… I’ll have to investigate. I had a little Coke on a ride last month and found that to be really helpful. Food and drink is a delicate balance and I’ll be experimenting as I go along with training (which is why I’m tracking it) and will probably try some more regular foods, like pb&j sandwiches and potatoes, too.

You’re so athletic. How long have you been doing this?
Ha. I suck at regular/team sports (horrible hand-eye coordination) and grew up completely terrified of volleyball, softball and basketball in gym class. So athlete? My abilities seem more like mental tenacity and learning to be comfortable with discomfort. Getting dropped on every downhill because I’m a complete wuss and don’t trust myself not to crash? Not. An. Athlete. But, yeah, if I’m going to call myself a triathlete, I should just own it.
Anyway… here’s how this whole mess got started:

1995: I played badminton. This does not seem at all relevant to triathlons, but was pretty much my first athletic endeavor ever. (I don’t think color guard counts.) I sucked, but liked the conditioning stuff.
1996: As a senior in high school, I was ineligible to be on the JV badminton team, but definitely not good enough for varsity. A good friend got me to join the track team, where I ran the 800. I learned about the weight room and running. And that it was fun.
1996-2000: Occasional runner, gym rat, bike commuter
2001: Still running occasionally, enjoying the perks of a Silicon Valley corporate gym… and then borrowed a road bike (forever indebted to JK) and rode the MS 150. 75 miles each day in beautiful Sonoma.
2002, 2003: Bought a bike off eBay (now my commuter) and didn’t really ride it. Did do The Relay, which is a 12 perrson, 199 mile running event from Calistoga to Santa Cruz. Ended up needing to rehab my IT band after the 2003 event. Stuck with the gym for a while…
2004: Spin classes, swimming and eventually my very first, completely untrained, mountain bike sprint triathlon. I was sick and jet-lagged (recently back from Japan) and am a horrible mountain biker. It did not go well.
2005: My (then) boyfriend signed up for another mtn bike sprint at a big race called Wildflower. By the time I got psyched up to sign up for it (he promised the terrain was much easier than the last one), the mtn bike sprint was sold out! I wasn’t about to just go watch for the weekend and signed up for the on-road Olympic distance race. That spring, a bunch of friends got together and bought road bikes and I was hooked. I did Wildflower, then an all-women’s sprint (and placed in my age group, which was a huge ego boost), a century bike ride and another Olympic distance race. Since I was in the habit of doing something new each fall, I finished the “season” with my first half-marathon.
2006: Wildflower Olympic and two other all-women sprint triathlons, another century ride
2007: No races, just some riding and running on my own
2008: Kaiser half-marathon, Wildflower Olympic triathlon, Nike Women’s Marathon – joined SF Tri club!
2009: Wildflower Olympic triathlon, Lake Folsom Olympic tri
2010: Wildflower Long Course, Big Kahuna half-IM, three centuries

Dang, that’s horribly long-winded. I think I should have just said “since 2006.” Basically, I didn’t grow up doing sports, got into running in the late 90s and have been doing triathlons since 2006. And don’t throw me something and expect me to catch it.

How do you fit all of this training in your schedule?
A buddy once said that bike riding was his Prozac… and I can definitely relate. I’m irritable when I don’t workout. So I fit it in. Yes, there are a lot of other things I could be doing on a Saturday when I’m out on my bike for five hours, but I just choose to ride instead of do those things. My apartment is a mess, I don’t buy clothing that requires ironing and I’m a big fan of my crock pot.

I’m also really lucky to have a short commute (3 miles on my bike), great training partners that can make a track workout feel like happy hour and an employer that does not require me to work crazy hours.