2.21.11 – 2.27.11

27 Feb 2011 Sunday afternoon

Le sigh. Solo ride because our IM training plan was posted after I already had my plans set up. Probably for the best – I needed to get some Time In The Saddle (tee hee)… feeling good for the 60-90 min spin classes and for about that long on the bike, but I obviously need to build up more endurance than an hour or two. That’s not to say that spin is not valuable – there’s no way I would have been able to do the ride – and the climbs (6000ft of climbing in 60 miles) if I hadn’t been going to spin for the past two months. But, it’s not the same as being on the bike for hours and hours at a time.

Also – a shout out to spin – I made it up every nasty hill… the climb to the dam, the part after the dam (which I think is the worst climb of them all) and the seven sisters while maintaining a heart rate that’s well below my “max” (in quotes because I don’t know what my max is, but I know that it can be much higher than 160 – which I never broke). I was purposely taking it easy today, particularly on the ride out to Fairfax. My goals were to keep a low heart rate and be on the bike for a few hours, just to get my body used to it. Still, this ride has enough climbing to make you work, regardless of your effort. I was still totally exhausted afterwards and I see this as a good benchmark.

What I consumed:
NOT ENOUGH LIQUID! Brought out two bottles with about 1/2 serving of powder in each… probably had 1.5 bottles total. Blame the cold, but it’s still unacceptable, and probably why I felt so drained after.
1 Mojo Bar, 1 mini Clif bar
Few blox shy of 1 sleeve of Clif Shot Blox
(Clif, feel free to sponsor me. I totally use your stuff.)

It was 45-55 degrees. Cold for us thin-blooded Californians. The wind on Ridgecrest (Seven Sisters) was brutal, the decents on Pan Toll and Panoramic were mostly shaded and really cold. Otherwise, I was comfortable/warm – I stripped off my arm warmers for a lot of the dam section and alternated gloves on/off for climbs. Wore: insulated bib tights, thin long-sleeved base layer, wool socks, jersey, wool arm warmers, insulated gloves, hat with ear flaps, toe covers on my shoes. Figuring out what to wear took a surprisingly long time (like, longer than deciding what to wear last night).

Cool sights:
Cloud that looked like a sea turtle
Hang gliders. Totally thought they were giant birds at first glance.
Some ice in a puddle at a higher elevation
Fuzzy caterpillar crossing the road

Garmin seyz:

Time: 4:43:38
Distance: 57.85 miles
Elevation: 6073 ft
Calories: 3,884
26 Feb 2011 Saturday morning

Trail run MAP FAIL. Brought a map for the wrong effing park, couldn’t figure out why the trail names weren’t working out, why I couldn’t do this lovely 12 mile loop I had planned out… Ended up wasting tons of time at each intersection. Still got a good amount of running time in – and really, the park was beautiful and if I had planned better, this would be a fine place to run, especially once it’s a little drier.

Eucalyptus tree bark is SLIPPERY! Lots of places where I had to slow way down so I didn’t end up falling down.

I was really looking forward to checking out my map for this one. As expected, I looped back on myself several times in a couple of stretches. Ah… so it goes when you have no sense of direction and no map!

A sorry 1h41 min run that covered just over 8.5 miles. Still, with almost 1500 feet of climbing, a good workout.
25 Feb 2011 Friday evening
So… I joined the Y at the Embarcadero. It’s ridiculously close to work and I really need a swimming option for those days when I don’t get myself out of bed early enough to swim in the morning. Yet another Ironman expense. Weeeeee! Goal – USE IT!!! I’ll probably still swim 1-2x a week at my SF public pool, but otherwise, it’s at the Y. I’m also hoping to get to yoga 1x a week. I really don’t enjoy yoga. But I also really need to get some good stretching time in each week (and a massage sometime soon, too!!!).

wt: 123.4 lbs (Back down again, as expected. Thanks, water weight!)

What else, a swim at my new gym… this pool is in meters, instead of yards.

6×100 on 2:15
5×200 w/20 sec rest (Approx – had to circle for a lot of these and nearly had a head-on collision b/c someone was trying to pass. New pool -10 points)
4×50 on 1:15 – chill, then sprint
100 cool down – mix free/back
2400 meters
about 60 min
24 Feb 2011 Thursday afternoon
lunchtime 53 minute run. hills. so many hills. our city is a frickin roller coaster.
legs = done, no spin tonight
23 Feb 2011 Wednesday morning and evening
am swim
1000 (was a 500 yard warm-up… that just kept going)
3×200 on :25 rest
2×100, pick up each length, :20 rest
4×50, chill, then sprint, on the 1:10
100 cool down
= 50 minutes
2100 yards

evening spin

longish continuous, then some short and quick, then another continuous. good workout. toasted.
22 Feb 2011 – Tuesday evening
wt – 125.8 lbs (up, as is normal for me right now)

Morning – 25 push-ups, 110 ab exercises, 30 sec per side to hit the glute medius (How I have a slacker muscle in my butt, I do not know… but I do know that I did therapy to try to build it up after my 2008 marathon. Best to keep it strong now before I start doing big mileage runs.)

Evening – track
w/u, stretch, drills
5x1000m – 1:51 per 400, 1:00 rest
Track felt good. I was thinking I should move down a group, but this pace felt right.
21 Feb 2011 – Monday afternoon
Little ride around SF. Chilly. Tired legs, not much time. Should have gone to spin, but the schedule didn’t work out today.
~20 miles, 1h10m

2.17 – 2.20.2011

2.20 – Sunday morning

Beautiful group trail run on the Matt Davis Trail in Marin. Almost 10 miles in under 2 hours – slow, but it was a tough trail – elevation gain, technical and slick. We had a few people end up in the mud – luckily, no one was seriously hurt.



2.19 – Saturday morning and afternoon

10am spin class. 1h30m. Watts were low, but as expected since I’m not quite 100%. Would love to have the song that plays during the big downhill sequence in Chasing Legends. Dramatic and inspirational.

UPDATE: Found the soundtrack.


50 min swim. Crowded pool.

500 yard warm-up

100, 200, 250 (b/c I can’t count), 300, 200, 100 – on :20 rest, pick up the last 25 of each

100 – increasing speed w/each 25yd (and then someone else tried to join our happy little lane… and I decided to leave and backstroke elsewhere)

200 yd backstroke (and I thought I was done – but no – there was a completely empty lane!)

4×50 – chill the first 25, sprint the next 25, leave every 1:00 (so that gave me 15-20 sec rest b/c I am not fast)

50 backstroke

2200 yards

I need to learn how to format in WordPress.


2.18 – Friday afternoon

morning – normal 20 push-ups and 100 core movements (sit-ups/hollow-rocks/bicycles)

RUN! I’m feeling tons better! Nice and easy 43 minute out and back to Aquatic Park from work. I really need to map this out so I know the distance. Pretty soon I’ll have to make my afternoon runs longer, but I’m satisfied for today. Felt good to get the legs moving again.

Shout out to my Asics Storm Weather jacket. Coupled with a brimmed hat, I was comfortable in the rain.


2.17 – Thursday

Still sick. Another day of rest. Legs are getting stiff and sore and I probably should have stretched or tried some yoga at home. Considered spin – just taking it easy, but didn’t want to infect anyone at the studio.

2.14.2011 – 2.16.2011

2/16 wednesday
off. sick. boo.
2/15 tuesday morning
5×250 w/ some med ball work in between each set (8#)
100 cool down
45 min
AND… then I left work early because the sore throat that woke me up in the morning started to get worse. No track tonight.
2/14 monday evening
spin, followed by some core work and back stretches
(and my super sweet valentine picked me up from the studio with flowers and made dinner. too awesome.)

2.7.2011 – 2.13.2011

2/13 – sunday morning
9.5 mi run along the coastline in sunny, warm santa barbara. wish i had brought my camelbak – the last 1.5 miles were really rough. did some intervals the second half of the run to try to work on some speed and keep it interesting.


2/12 – saturday
day off in santa barbara
2/11 friday morning
am swim
300 warm-up
5×200 with med-ball (8#) arm circles – 10 per side (1-3), arms in the infinity symbol – 15 (sets 4 & 5)
200 kick
4×50 – medium for the first 25, then sprint the last 25 – few breaths as possible during the sprint (goal was two, but I needed three or four), on :20-:30 sec rest
200 free/back combo cool-down
1900 yards, about 1 hr in the pool
focus today – left hand entry is better – more inline with my shoulder, instead of midline, but now trying to bend my elbow sooner
2/10 thursday afternoon
wt: 124.8 lbs
(my momentary time in the 123s was apparently a fluke. or maybe it’s just that i ate a LOT for dinner last night because i was so effing hungry.)
lunch run – 45 min run, flat, some pick-ups
Was going to do another evening spin, but I’ve got a lot to get done before going out-of-town over the weekend. Must remind myself that it’s still early in the season. Also, I’ve got the 21st off work, so maybe I’ll do a long bike twice next weekend.
2/9 wednesday morning and evening
am swim – stretch it out…
100 w/pull buoy
100 pull buoy w/paddles
100 w/paddles
100 w/pull buoy
100 free
1500 yards, 38 min in the water, nice and relaxed
pm – spin class, right around 60 min
ended up at the instructor’s bike since my computer wasn’t working. kind of convinced it made me work harder, being up there in the front, even though i really don’t think anyone was paying attention to me
followed by about 30 min of core work and hip stretch/strength
(and a few kipping pull-ups. oh yeah. still got em!)
2/8 tuesday morning and evening
wt: 123.4 lbs (woo-hoo!)
am swim w/aj – coached swim:
500 yard warm-up
100, 200, 300, 300, 200, 100
sprint the last 25 yard of each
:20 rest (omg, so little rest compared to my self-dictated swims)
250 kick
8×25, building – :15 rest
100 backstroke
2250 yard, right around 55 min
pm track –
warm-up, stretch, drills
4×1200 @2:00 per 400, 1:00 rest
cool down
2/7 monday evening
1.5 hr spin class. watts a little low – hard to tell if it’s fatigue or the new spin bike.
followed by stretching! 20 pushups, 100 ab exercises (incl 20 hollow rocks)

1.31.2011 – 2.6.2011

hilly 7.5 mi trail run w/kevin
hilly ride. 65 mi. garmin kicked it part way through. tired.
did not sleep well the night before
solid 10 min stretching
wt: 124.8 lbs
annnnnd… totally did not do anything. forgot to set my alarm last night.
50 min run
20 reg
25 in 5 min on/1 off  (off is a jog, probably around a 9:30, on is probably 7:30-8:00/min mile)
then cool down




track a doodle dooooooo
warmup, stretch, drills
3×400 @1:37, jog 200
~2 mi @8:30
2×400 @1:45
yes, yoga. i don’t normally love it, but my body needs it.

1.24.2011 – 1.30.2011

1/30 – sunday morning
~70 min spin class (rain)
1/29 – saturday morning
8.5 mi ~ 8:30 min/mile run, flat w/caren & kevin
1/28 – friday morning
weight: 125.8 lbs
AM swim. Coach AJ was back, which essentially means a free swim lesson. Sweet!
I did 1000 yards on my own –
100 w/paddles, pull buoy
100 drills – hands in fists,  one finger, focusing on entry only
100 kickboard
100 w/paddles, pull buoy
175 free…
then the lesson began!!!
4×200 on about 1:00 rest (that’s when the magic happened), increasing speed with each rep
Rep #2 felt really good. I changed my left hand entry point a little and focused on keeping my kick rhythmic. The last one? Totally my fastest 200 EVER! Granted, I started out way too fast – like I was doing a 100. But considering I’m pretty much always at 4:00 per 200, 3:30 made me feel like I was Michael Freaking Phelps.
Happy Friday to me.
1/27 – thursday evening
spin class. about 70 mins.


1/26 – wednesday morning
AM swim. This time with less suckage!
1000 yard
500  – with paddles & pull buoy
100 – with left only paddle & pull buoy
4×50 quick
200 backstroke cool down
That’s 2500 yards!!!
Time – about an hour, incl stretching after
1/25 – tuesday evening
AM – 20 pushups, 100 crunches, stretching
PM – spin!
Felt like crap during the warm up. Then kind of nailed it during the workout. +2 for warming up!
Stretched when I got home.


1/24 – monday evening
Evening run. Blah. It was dark. I was not motivated. Note to self – no more solo evening runs until it stays light later. (I did wear a reflective vest and had a blinky red light that I wore as a ring. No need to get run over by a car.)
6 mi, 60 min
10 min/mile pace. OUCH. That’s slow for me. I’m blaming the hills.
Oh, and my lack of fitness and motivation today.

1.18.2011 – 1.23.2011

1/23 – sunday


1/22 – saturday
paradise loop – started off as a group ride, then a friend and i finished up together because we both needed to get home.
45 mi, 3:07
1/21 – friday evening
am – 20 push-ups, various hollow rocks/situps to get to 100
not enough sleep
20 min swim, about 1000 yards. really sucky. didn’t feel strong at all – yeah, it’s my first swim in a week, but still – either an indication that i need a day off or just that i needed more sleep.
1/20 – thursday afternoon
hilly lunch run
30 min
nice day
1/19 – wednesday evening
long ass spin class while watching chasing legends!!!
1/18 – tuesday afternoon
lunch run 38 min flat
in the sun
intervals for the second half
pm – 20 push-ups, hollow-rocks, crunches = 100